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    How to install an indicator for those, who doesnt know.

    Couple days ago friend asked me, how can he add a custom indicator to mt4.
    Well, I used to search a bit here, but didnt find how to install them.
    1st you must have the indicator you want to install.
    2nd put current indicator to folder C:\Program files\MetaTrader4\experts\indicators, or wherever its located in your pc.
    3rd restart MetaTrader application, if its currently running.
    4th Now start application and look at navigation window - custom indicators, and there must be our recently added custom indicator.

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    My other indicator.

    If we want to analyze Average Daily Range for EURUSD, GBPUSD, or else, any pair,,, this "#Signal_Bars" is the most excellent tools that we must have.
    We can easily get information about pair spread & 'today High to Low' number of pips.

    "#Signal_Bars" also provide information about market strength, based on M1-D1 MACD & EMA
    We also can adjust most of settings.
    Don't forget to fill the password to make this Indicator works.


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    I believe that the use of indicators in Forex are important factors for success and gains, I use several indicators to help me in determining the point of entry and to identify the point of exit, such as Fibonacci, Moving Average and sometimes use DeMark lines.

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    I think indicators are not helpful.... and also indicators are make big big problem.... So Brother why you have added this indicators.... I think for gain trade you have to need manual analyses. So be careful on indicators.... don't be believe on any indicators...

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    my best indicator

    i'm always trading with this indicator
    this indicator will show you the highest price and the lowest price
    of a pair i always choose taking action open price when the timer have been show up

    no doubt this indicator can be join with another indicator stohastic
    can be useful with EA too
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    Quote Originally Posted by widhie75 View Post
    To find current trend, I use this indicator "Step_EMA_LK".
    It's basically Moving Average with bearish/bullish color feature. It's very usefull when use in big Timeframe H1, H4 until Monthly.

    Step_EMA_LK also have various setting, which able to modified.
    We can set custom EMA period and also how many bars in chart will be calculated.
    Thanks bro For this indicator I'm going to download this Indicator... I think it can help my trading

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    I have been looking for this particular signal for a long period now. The weblink to forexwinneres does not provide a obtain web link to it.

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    check the screenshot

    those are kind type of Trend Follower Indicator. It is different than any particular MA. Easy to use, just when the blue lines crosses the yellow line. TF 1 hour is most effective
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    Murrey Math Line X MetaTrader indicator. This is my favorit indicator. Another pivot line indicator that will definitely help every trader that know how to trade with support, resistance and pivot lines. It displays 8 different lines (with possible additional lines) on the main chart, helping you to find the best points to sell, buy and exit the positions. Try attach to your chart, then it will be like this picture below
    Here we go ..
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    i love forex terding join my team
    i have many indacters buy u r indacter is rely profit abile i well chack but follow gmacd good ternd indaecter use stong buy sell its bast indacter.

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