New Policy about Great Britain
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    New Policy about Great Britain

    As we can see, yesterday we're having the Carney's speech and it's the first time he give an official speech about his own policy. As what i can learn from his speech, he didn't say that he will suddenly do some inflation and he still open the door to the QE. And he target the inflation to be the same level as the level before the crisis and that means he wants to lower it. Okay, seems like this is a bull for the market but as i didn't see him taking any action and that's just the target in the future, i didn't see any bull or bear but only neutral. How about you guys?

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    If still a speech about policy, then there is no action from the policy, usually will not have any significant impact on the forex market movements. But if the policy has an action, then it will be a major impact on the movement of the forex market.

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    The great Britain tends to be very volatile in times of news and speechesaalthough using a pending order might be a good way yo exploit market opportunities.

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    I am completely new trader and have to any about the new policy of Great Britain. Through this thread came to learn about it and trying to understand it. I am very simple trader trading with some basic knowledge on fundamental and technical analysis and I am giving top priority to trade with Technical analysis.

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    New policies let me think..These are the market reversal news and the policy implemented makes the pattern and the volatile market traders a strength that if they tend to invest and get out very soon enough then the trade shall not be viable. If that is it then I have made myself understood if not then what does it seem to have effect upon if not implemented properly .

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    A new policy seems interesting that before any big thing to happen ther comes new ideas and policies that are launched to hint about the movement that is going to happen. This policies are like a huge book of rules that needs to be followed but I am a normal trader trading for myself pleasure and do not need any kind of huge turnovers like big investments do.

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