do not trade on fri day
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Thread: do not trade on fri day

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    Lightbulb do not trade on fri day

    yes you must not trade in this day because you may face all your money and you will face more risk because the price is going so crazy and i had all margin call in this day only so it may be risky day for any trader.

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    I do not do trading on Friday final because he is considered one of the most days risks so better keep away from him, and I lost so much due to random motion, which will be on that day, but when resides News do I enter it normally not influenced by the movement, and I would recommend any beginner should keep away from on Friday initially

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    I don't agree that trading on friday is more high risk compared than other day.

    There's no reason and risk factor that affect on Friday.. except that friday is on first week.
    First week friday is the day that NFP news released, and mostly we can not predict the price will go up or down. so it make that friday is high risk.

    About the other Friday,,, I think it has same risk with other day.

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    Yes I agree to your opinion.Friday is very risky for trading.

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    True, I was also very surprised when trading every Friday, today only order I still have floating loss due to the ongoing trend is not clear, but the day before I used to trade in the same way, but I could still make a profit a few pips each trading.

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    Well this depends on market conditions, price tends to be very volatile in Fridays so its advise able that you avoid taking to much risks ,even though you want to make an entry use lesser kit size, I have had times when I lost my account balance on Friday's and I have had times when I doubled my I account on Fridays, but the lesson learnt so far is that when the market presents you with an opportunity on Fridays use lesser lot size.

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    This is nothing like that if we keep open position on Friday any big change will happen on Monday as we get two days holiday and any big news may come on those two days.
    Because if you re well knowledge about the support and resistance level then their will be nothing to fear about the rate and fluctuation.

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    i am with your opinion, trade on friday, with the risk more than any other day. it is better to stay away from trading in the day or engage in transactions after a good study.

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    We can do trade on friday and any other day because all days are good for us for trading but hard work is key here and it must be consistent all the time. If we do trade from our trading system then surely we will get the money on friday or any other day.

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    You can trade every opening day. Trading is totally depend on your trading strategy. If you think you can not trade on Friday then you can. But I want to say that naturally market show volatile on Friday so it is a big opportunity to make money more. But make money on that day you need to gather more knowledge and you need to make yourself as a skillful trader.

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