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Thread: How to Control feelings of greed and fear ?

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    Greed and fear are common thing for every trader and every trader also know that this is not good. For that the more we understand how to trade correctly and how to get a healthy profit, then as regularly the fear and greed will disappear by time to time

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    to control our feeling we need collect experience and if we have been get it we can easy to control our feel and greedy. I have way to control our greedy, first, make target that you want get when you make order. it can help we are to manage our greedy, we can make target depend the market. Second we can think greedy is not good and only make we are get loss. so we will not greedy again and we can manage our deposit will good and get profit. But we still need hard work to do it because theory maybe easy but if we do it, it need hard work

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    we must know that why so easy for us to get greed and fear in forex, When we are earning money in our trade then we will not satisfied and be greed to wish earn more pips in next trade. While when we are losing money in our trade then we will be traumatic and may be fear to trade in the next time. There fore need for good steady psychology and strong mental for control greed

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    I think the best way to control the feeling and greed in the forex trading is that we keep the thing simple in the trading and work according to the plan and strategy in the forex trading and try to avoid to take the high risk in the trading and be cool minded all the time.

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    The greed and the fear are human nature I fear can be remove by knowledge and greed can be remove by personal motivation. Anyone can induced by fear, they think if I lose my all capital then by what I will do business at Forex? I think if any one have proper money management and knowledge then he/she can prevent fear and greedy is removed by personal's willingness.

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    As the Forex is the most profitable online business. a large number of traders are trading in the Forex market to build up their future. The things that are essential to make the business more stable are the experience, knowledge about the trading policy etc. So the traders should be careful while trading in the Forex market. they should control their greed and the tendency of being fear. they need to control their greed and to be patient to be gainer in the business.

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    We have the largest financial market in the world, because I do not know you, if you have enough of basic forex trading forex trading Forex trade on some basic skills and a huge profit from there you can get forex trading, you can earn a lot of money here. Many businesses are making more money from this business. So it is very possible.

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    I think this is very tough to control greed and fear.Because greedy person can identify himself as a greedy man.If anyone claim him then he will make him enemy.So be careful.Fear is another psychological problem.We have to overcome those greed and fear.Without proper knowledge our brave will not increase and we will fail for more be careful about those things.

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    Yes, it's great because every trader the Forex trading business greed and fear is very important to control their feelings. I have complete control of the demo account is very greed and fear feel feelings. Thus traders learn to control their greed and emotions should practice demo account.

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