How to Control feelings of greed and fear ?
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Thread: How to Control feelings of greed and fear ?

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    How to Control feelings of greed and fear ?

    I want you to discuss me your viewpoint about how I can manage my ovaries and reasonable emotions ? Many deals I shut my place with only 50 percent of my objective factor because reasonable to returning and create me lose. Also many periods after avarice create me reduce excellent cash after unpredictable earn. I know quite reduce and take benefit boundaries is essential , but I can modify it whenever you want under emotions effect.

    So please don't tell me to put sl and tp points.

    I wish you discuss me your individual experiences.

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    To control our greed and fear in trading, we better adjust our capital precisely when doing forex trading, where we use capital can be used for profit, and can also be used to defend all the margins we have, so we are advised to not we use all capital just to make money only.

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    About that we must know that why so easy for us to get greed and fear in forex, When we are earning money in our trade then we will not satisfied and be greed to wish earn more pips in next trade. While when we are losing money in our trade then we will be traumatic and may be fear to trade in the next time. There fore need for good steady psychology and strong mental for control greed and fear

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    I avoid a sense of greed by dragging profits complete and not bring it back again for the account and at the loss do I re only a small part to keep at Risk small trade out and also I avoid the fear of loss through away from the chart and self-confidence during the Technical Analysis and opening trades

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    Fear and greed are some of the emotions a trader in Forex trading business.It should be always controlled by a trader in order to make his/her trades simple and without losses.A trader an control by self confidence and trade with without any tensions.You can not totally get rid of fear and loss but you can control it while making transactions.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Well dealing with your faulty characters can be such a very difficult task but only you can deal with it and no one or nothing else can do it or you, identifying your faults is a starting point so all you need do is to always pt your emotions in check and work on it everyday until it becomes part of you.

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    uchexxx, Greed or fear are human nature as normal personality and its impossible to remove them as completely but we can control it as best as possible to enter our trading and it is also necessary if we want to become successful in forex business. To control both of them is to set a daily profit target and to stop trading once i achieve it and also set stop loss to not worry for bigger loss.

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    Yes it is very important for every trader to control their feelings of greed and fear because these are the biggest of Forex trading business.I think demo account is very help full in controlling feeling of greed and fear.So,traders should practice in Demo account to learn how to control their greed and emotion.

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    We need to continue trade through a plan through which we can able to avoid greed. Even we need to create our mentality to become with small but steady profit to control greed. Over all, greed is very dangerous element of human life and it is not so easy to control greed so easily.

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    During my initial days of trading periods I was becoming over confidence due to lack of knowledge, when ever I make some loss or make some profit instead of closing position I do add another position either to average the loss or to make bigger profit at a time.
    After huge loss, I learn that avoid trading 24 hours, gain knowledge and then sit for trading so that you can avoid fear and greed.

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