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Thread: Our experience and knowledge should justify the risk we take in trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixteen View Post
    The experience here is something amazing and its sure the best time we can build a profitable trade we can depend on.
    profitable system can be depend on us no doubt because if we do some proper trade,if we learn it fully we can understand which system is good, demo tell us what to do and how to do, so make sure you do demo and before doing real you must complete this process, our knowledge make us able to do some practice on demo, so make sure you have good knowledge and get from valid links, our experience is later thing it comes later

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    Experience is what that gets to make a trader become successful, get to have the right experience and then you can develop into a good result. But, have in mind that your experience could be a negative thing when you allow it over whelm you, because when you make consistent winning, then that does not mean that you should then get to increase your risks, that will cause you so much problems and make you possibly loss your money.

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    Your education is an asset. In fact there are many traders who face failures in significant level due to lack of expertise and skills on those specific methods. And it is evident from the illustration of many successful traders that when a trader has good market understanding and the skills to utilize strategies and skills in proper manner then he can think of managing risks and maintain profit in adequate level.

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    Both experience and education are important in trading. In fact, experience provides the trader with the way to apply his knowledge in particular situation. That is why the best solution would be to combine studing trading theory with trading on demo or real account. Some traders know a lot about the market but still are not profitable yet just because lack of trading skills. Thus, it is not enough just to read a lot about trading - it is necessary to analyse all incoming information, evaluate and look for the ways to apply it, otherwise it would be useless information.
    There are several approaches to improve both experience and knowledge. First of all, it will be better to use only reliable sources of information, such as books written by market professionals or their blogs. There are numerous so-called "gurus" trying to teach trading without real experience and proven track of records.
    Another point is that all information obtained should be connected with related information to form strong understanding. Each trader should create his own roadmap of trading self-education and follow it. The idea is that information should be obtained systematically, and not in separate parts without any connections between.

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