My Daily Analysis - Price Action Strategy :)
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Thread: My Daily Analysis - Price Action Strategy :)

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    My Daily Analysis - Price Action Strategy :)

    Dear friends , and all fellow traders
    I would like to share here my analysis . I am a price action trader and i will share my charts here to help all the newbies out here.
    If you also have some chart setups, then do share with us in this thread.
    Otherwise dont post anything in this thread , except for chart setups.

    Live, Learn, Share :)

    I believe you become more better by sharing :)

    - - - Updated - - -

    My trade plan for AUD/USD

    h1 , to buy if goes 1 pip above the recently formed pin bar and stop loss is also 1 pip below the pin bar.
    my risk : reward is 1:2 . choose yours and do money management :)

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    GU trading in wedge style or also refer to breakout trading.
    Best when there is candle traffic.
    Isnt it simple and easy trading?

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    I am not a full time trader though, and that is why i have missed a wonderful opportunity :(

    But we all have one more chance as today closing is important . If it breaks and close below at 75.00, than another chance to enter. :)

    Good Luck

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    Wait till weekly closing for confirmation candle:

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    Hello COACH taharoyal52! How are you , sir?
    You are also teaching here free to the newbies.
    I would also like to share my trades with my friends too.

    MY USD/CAD long term but short term trading.
    USDCAD: Near term short setup

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    Early in the morning, i was analyzing GBP/USD in the Weekly Time Frame and i got this setup:

    Wait for the closing - conservative traders
    Open trade - agressive traders

    these are my advices, choose yourself :)

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    I also use daily analysis for mapping and entry prices when there is a correction and then my entry in a smaller time frame such as H1 and H4 and some traders had a side interest in terms of daily trading analysis there is a hold for 2 days and some are not hold and close positions on the same day

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    Here, I provide you with a brief summary of my dealing trip and where I am these days consequently. Before we get began, I just want to get “real” with you for a moment by informing you that dealing is not a “get wealthy quick” plan nor is there any “magic bullet” or “Holy-Grail” dialing plan out there. Like you, I was drawn to dealing because of the economical independence it can carry you, as well as other types of freedom; independence from managers, from ordinary workouts and the “9-5″ drone lifestyle of going to “work” daily.

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    Its a BULL for GU!

    My own view :)

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    DATE: 29/08/2013
    Learn Technical To Trade The Market.

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