is my money safe in this broker?
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Thread: is my money safe in this broker?

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    is my money safe in this broker?

    is my money is safe in this broker ? what's your opinion?

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    Of the most important steps that must be at the outset to determine choose the right company, which must start where trading because there are a lot of companies that are stealing money traders and non-payment of profits or non-payment of capital also shut down the account so you must rely on the company by many of the licenses

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    When you asked if your money is safe with this broker am guessing your referring to roboforex ,and to that I would say most definiatly and I am saying that confidently, because as a trader the safety of your income is your main priority,and if you invest in roboforex your funds are safe, based on the reputation this broker has online, and the services they offer I have no doubt in my mind that roboforex is among the leading brokers in the forex industry.

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    Of course safety, this broker is one of the best broker and has a good reputation in various forums, you can check the reviews about this broker on other sites. According to my broker who can be trusted is a broker that has a lot of events, has a forex forum, forex contest, this broker seems have been complete with that criteria I mentioned.

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    As this business is very hot business so there are a lot of fake brokers in the market which lures people by offering different attractive tools and offers so we must be very careful while choosing broker and in this regard Robo Forex is a very good and genuine broker, and we can work without tension with this broker.

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    I assume that you are talking about roboforex. Yes, your money is absolutely safe with this broker. The credibility is the reason why more and more people trust them and already existing traders continue with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohin View Post
    is my money is safe in this broker ? what's your opinion?
    No i not think that the money that you invest with broker is safe because all the broker is not reliable so that's why being a trader we need to find the turntable and reliable broker in the forex trading and i think the Robo and insta forex is the best broker to doing the trading.

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    Yes dear our money is safe in any broker of the world . All brokers are trusty and reliable but we must have to be a good trader to do better trading. The main benefit of this broker is that , it provide us bonus for trading, which no broker provide us that is why i love this broker and will used it for trading , all the time.

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    Yes our money is safe in this broker as Forex trading is a best online business.Millions of people are trading in this business and earning a huge amount of profit.Forex trading is a very simple and profitable business and any one can invest their money and can earn a huge amount of profit in this business.

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    Yes my money is safe in this broker. Beacuse forex trading business there has many different broker. Forex traders are all time do work and use this broker. I think without roboforex broker i am not there has get my bonus very easily. Every time good and professional forex traders are believe this only roboforex broker very very helpful for forex traders and its very safe for all forex traders.

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