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Thread: Important! Read this before posting anything

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    Thanks, read the instructions carefully and learn much more about it. In fact each and every topic in this forum is very useful to learn forex, but I am not able to understand much of the lack of knowledge of the English language. However, I'm doing my best to maintain and understand suggestions.

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    yes, forum is the best way for gain more knowledge about Forex is a important think that every broker want to be benefit from Forex trade and forum can be help for their forum is very helpfully option for Forex business.

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    my partner and i don ' t think With this throughout This way, AND ALSO It simply no individual can be ever hassle-free professional traders recommend which the robot will be In line with them, manually trading about the trading firm regarding anybody else almost all is usually solitary perfect trading technology..

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    Yes, I agreed reading the instruction carefully before posting is very much important and necessary, the each and every post of Forex trading is very much important and really help for learning about trading market. But actually as I'm newbie is really difficult for me to understand some topic, due to my week English and knowledge about it. So I'm trying my level best to understand and to gain profit.

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    we must all work towards the uplift of this forum by posting quality threads and participating good discussion topics for our benefits as well as for the benefits of others and at our level we can do this by maintaining and following the rules of this forum and not to do any spamming.

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    I agree. My point is that a forum is a place for sharing ideas. I mean, every trader can benefit through this. I'm still on a demo account. Once I gained quite a few experience, then I could contribute more to this community.

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