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Thread: Important! Read this before posting anything

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    Thank you very much, and the quality of all of us in this forum post and our topic of interest to the benefit of others to participate in our discussion thread is a good level to increase efforts, we have retained in accordance with this rule and this forum to do you can do anything spam.

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    I have read your whole post very perfectly and i have understand all about your posting system.I am new in this forex market.but i want to learn forex trading very i will follow your all rule and regulation for posting in this forum.I always try to present new strategy and new method for the all forex trader..

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    Please carefully read the instructions to learn a lot about it, thank you. In fact, all the topics in this forum, it is useful to learn forex trading, but I am because of my lack of knowledge of English cannot understand a lot of things. Still, I would suggest you to try our best to understand and to maintain.

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    It is very important that before posting anything, we always must read. otherwise it's possible to ban and your hard work will lost. I try to my best and try to give better knowledge in posting. Thankyou

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    Thank you for your submission, I will try to make something that is not the origin of writing. I will try to think of everything in advance in the post, so that's always better. Here we are together to learn about Forex. In this forum we will learn anything about forex, we need the information..

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    It is obligation that every trader should read first before posting anything. It is very important otherwise it's harmful. so before posting we should understand all thread.

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    [lang=ar]Actually if you want to succeed in this market must abide by its laws and if you want to succeed in this forum should collect a lot of information and it must abide by the laws for the collection bonus so they can be appropriately monthly bonus helps you in your business and helps you to make a profit[/lang]

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    we have read these instruction very careful and insha Allah we will follow the rules and will not do mistakes its our commitment. all the rules are very easy to follow. and are genuine there is nothing wrong or against of us. we are also very encouraged and will help to improve this forum.

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    nice rules and so acceptable
    actually we must participate with our thoughts and what we know even it is right to help others or even it is wrong to get the others correct for us also some noovices will be benefited by this
    let our gaol basic goal is not the bonus but let it in the second grade the bonus

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    Yeah.... your informations are correct . Forex trading is a profitable business. Here one can easily earn money by ensuring hardwork. But sometimes the trader have to face many problem. They do not know what they do that time. So they want to gain information from others. But there are some who post without read. But one should not do this. This is not a correct way. You must read before the post. Here we can gain lots of experience and that can help us to make lots of profit.

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