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Thread: Important! Read this before posting anything

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    My dear friends Thanks, read the instruction carefully and learn many things about it. Actually each and every topics of this forum is helpful to learn forex, but I could not able understand many things due to my lack of knowledge on English Language.

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    Thanks for giving us such kinds of important idea .Thanks a lot administration

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    Thanks a lot for this pin thread.I think it will help all the members to post from their inside and obviously unique.The information which we will share here,may come in a great importance to any traders and also can make great loss.So all should post here with concentration and informative thoughts.

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    thanks i am very glad to know about all the things

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    Thank you very much we must all execute towards the uplift of this group by posting top top quality conversations and participating outstanding discussion topics for our benefits as well as for the key benefits of others and at our level we can do this by maintaining and following the recommendations of this group and not to do any spamming.

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    When posting it's really important to remember that we are discussing with others. So we should provide that information which can be helpful to others and which are able to continue a discussion. Since this thread is on trading strategy, is it possible to open some thread in here about weekly outlook of different currency pairs? I think that can help because we will share our forecast with reasons,so we can learns other's viewpoint and that'll widen our outlook and help us to make more successful trading.

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    Actually are you most right friend, you start read rules before we doing post, this forum site is most important of rules, than we doing easily huge post and more earning opportunity in this forex market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muqeet417 View Post
    Thanks, research the recommendations effectively, you will comprehend a lot about it. All topics of this group each is useful to comprehend currency dealing, actually, I did not comprehend a lot of factors for my lack of know-how of English. However, I am trying my stage best to view the provide and maintain..,.,
    Some of the programs conducted by Robo Forex, we believe very useful to be able to develop the quality of trade all forum members.
    You will forging a close relationship with another trader, which is certainly more experienced. Because of this, the bonus is not a target at the top. But there are some things more important, that is to building trade capacity and better because of the occurrence of communication between fellow forum members.

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    This is important comment for us. Some content to keep about Forex market. Quality topic and posting side to be consistent is needed for us. This forum is good side for all trader. Here we are together to learn about Forex. So, we are getting two benefited ,posting bonus, and trade related different information about Forex market. Content to adjusted posting is good for us.

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    I have found this forum very informative as compared to other forums and I agree with the above statement. We need to post valuable information in order to make this forum so interesting. I think sharing of personal observations is best in order to promote the forum and also it should be unique. It is very easy to copy and paste the things from other websites but it is not having good value for others.

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