Important! Read this before posting anything
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Thread: Important! Read this before posting anything

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    Important! Read this before posting anything


    Here, at Roboforex we are building serious trading commuinty, which goal is to help traders shorten their learning curve and let traders exchange valuable ideas concerning Forex market and trading in whole.

    One of basic things that will help trader succeed or prevent him from moving forward is his position on educational curve. The faster trader gets access to really valuable information the closer he/she comes to his/her goals.

    Please be sure that content you are posting matches core principles of our community:

    1. It's valuable

    Think about those who will read your posts. Are you sharing something valuable? Have you made some research on the topic you've started? Is topic relevant or interesting for others? Of course, we are not limiting you in expressing your thoughts and ideas, but prevent yourself from placing multiple posts like "Trading requires a lot of knowledge and skills and emotions are very harmful". We will moderate such content.

    2. It's relevant

    While writing in the section you have to write the messages/posts which should be the right relevancy do not write about your chit chat stuff in the strategies sections since the sole purpose here to make sure strategy works. Do not write out of the subject.

    Let your posts be the part of value not junk.

    3. It's unique

    We want to hear your thoughts not thoughts of any "trading gurus".

    Often traders simply copy some trading articles, especially those who participates "Communicative credits" promotion
    Please be sure that you have attentively read terms and requirements of this promotion:

    - Main terms of Communicative deposits

    - Post quality requirements

    "Commucative bonus" is created to benefit you for valuable information. We really appreciate those who will help others evolve and succeed. Are you one of them? Then join our team.

    Have a good time!

    Value trader
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    Sir, i want to join and make this forum a clean and very good forum .
    Lets give a high five first, and then start :)

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    thanks admin for giving a good and valueable information

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    Thanks, read the instruction carefully and learn many things about it. Actually each and every topics of this forum is helpful to learn forex, but I could not able understand many things due to my lack of knowledge on English Language. Yet I am trying my level best to understand and maintain the suggestions.

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    We appreciate you admin. I have joined this forum for the learning of forex. I am looking ahead for the valuable suggestions of the senior traders.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Very cautious warnings to.those who take this forum for granted,I also want to use this opportunity to thank the roboforex forum crew who made this medium possible for members to earn revenue on posting

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    I think forum is a best way to increase knowledge about forex. if someone try to do special something for him he need to do forex trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pranto1971 View Post
    I think forum is a best way to increase knowledge about forex. if someone try to do special something for him he need to do forex trade.
    Forum is the best place to learn forex trading, but we have to keep the authenticity of the content posted on the forum, so write what you think and be useful to other members, it's better than writing content has been written by someone else.

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    Thanks, read the instructions carefully, you will learn a lot about it. All topics of this forum each is useful to learn foreign exchange, in fact, I did not understand a lot of things for my lack of knowledge of English. However, I am trying my level best to understand the proposal and maintain..,.,

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    Thank you very much we must all work towards the uplift of this forum by posting quality threads and participating good discussion topics for our benefits as well as for the benefits of others and at our level we can do this by maintaining and following the rules of this forum and not to do any spamming.

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