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Thread: Important! Read this before posting anything

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    Yes we should know about what we are doing in forex.Forex is the market palace where we share our motive goal and achive lots of experience.Because it is a multinational business and people from all over the wolrd doing this in a differnt manner but all goal is same and that is to make money.So every trader has to be own selfness to introduce himself.

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    Yap anything reade before and after you may post here. Any matter first reading important for traders. There has many traders are do work without first read. This way traders are like a ship without rudder. They are never choose the right decesion and dont easy trade in forex.
    I am see this good post and i hope if traders are take the right way and must be read first then they should get success in forex business.

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    Yes,I fully agree with this thread.We all should post something that is useful for the other members.We should also maintain the rules of the forum.we should concentrate on the learning from the forum not only the bonus from posting.And we expect a friendly behavior from all members.

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    Double important that the rules of the forum so we know the Forum Rules before posting anything, and it is important to know in order to avoid the prohibition of organic and so we know we participate in the forum well without any obstacles in the work of the forum

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    Yes my dear friends We must share our own experience and our own view on topics so that others can get something useful for their trading and they will definitely learn a lesson, the main purpose of the forum visiting is to get solution to our problems and improve our trading skill by visiting different threads and views.

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    It's really essential to know and adhere to the Robo Forex dealing Group recommendations and we must be well-mannered to all clients of this Forex dealing community forum web page. We need to talk about a aspect which is essential and valuable for me and others. This is very essential that we don't post on community forum for not only compensate but also comprehend something new, achieving some useful experience from each other and also keep the wish to help any other about Forex dealing market.

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    I see this group as a indicates of offering different kinds of traders which variety from starter traders to the very experienced traders together from different world to talk about details and ideas on FOREX dealing and this can go a long way to improve our abilities and details, so I assistance that important material should be made.

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    it's really important to know and follow the Robo Currency trading Community guidelines and we must be well-mannered to all customers of this Currency trading forum website. We need to discuss a factor which is important and beneficial for me and others. This is very important that we don't publish on forum for not only reward but also understand something new, accomplishing some useful encounter from each other and also keep the wish to help any other about Foreign exchange industry.

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    Yes sir, I read it carefully and try to follow the rules and regulation strictly. I like this forum as all the learning elements are available in this forum. Many expert traders are taking much trouble in teaching us through submitting valuable learning elements. I am grateful to this forum and try to follow the instruction always.

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    It's absolutely important to apperceive and obey the Robo Forex Appointment rules and we charge be admiring to all users of this Forex appointment site. We charge to allotment some affair which is important and accessible for me and others. This is actual capital that we don't column on appointment for not alone benefit but additionally apprentice article new, accomplishing some admired acquaintance from anniversary added and additionally accumulate the ambition to advice any added about Forex market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post

    Here, at Roboforex we are building serious trading commuinty, which goal is to help traders shorten their learning curve and let traders exchange valuable ideas concerning Forex market and trading in whole.

    One of basic things that will help trader succeed or prevent him from moving forward is his position on educational curve. The faster trader gets access to really valuable information the closer he/she comes to his/her goals.

    Please be sure that content you are posting matches core principles of our community:

    1. It's valuable

    Think about those who will read your posts. Are you sharing something valuable? Have you made some research on the topic you've started? Is topic relevant or interesting for others? Of course, we are not limiting you in expressing your thoughts and ideas, but prevent yourself from placing multiple posts like "Trading requires a lot of knowledge and skills and emotions are very harmful". We will moderate such content.

    Let your posts be the part of value not junk.

    2. It's unique

    We want to hear your thoughts not thoughts of any "trading gurus".

    Often traders simply copy some trading articles, especially those who participates "Communicative bonus" promotion
    Please be sure that you have attentively read terms and requirements of this promotion:

    - Main terms of Communicative bonus

    - Post quality requirements

    "Commucative bonus" is created to benefit you for valuable information. We really appreciate those who will help others evolve and succeed. Are you one of them? Then join our team.

    Have a good time!

    Value trader
    yes think first reading and fist achieve more knowledge then we can earn more money in forex market.So we should learn first then start earn. Because it is the base of earning.And we should follow our Money Management. We have to remove greed and emotion. We should keep patience for more income and life style in forex market.

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