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Thread: Important! Read this before posting anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by santosh View Post
    FOREX trading and this can go a long way to increase our knowledge. I will achieving some useful encounter from each othe.Forum may be a place to debate and share the experiences.Firstly u hav to know abt this topic because without no information about this topic u han some ttrouble to post this topic. I will share my all experience with my friends .
    You trade forex in mnay ways you could see and understand i could imagine well about all the things in this market achieving something is not a problem for the traders to perform in market,but they need experience which is provided by this forum through many threads.
    Finally successful traders

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    learn first steps that we must learn and engerti how the rules of the game in this business which is in determining whether a trade is we need a good way to determine which posts are indeed truly be able to understand it and in horrible vi in either by ourselves itself or by other traders who want to learn better in the forum and this trade

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    This is very important for us to understand that how we are supposed to do this Forex trading more further. Because there could be some people out there who is not knowing what the idea of this trading platform. So because of that reason we do need to make a perfect trading movements with this trading accounts.
    Thumbs up Guys

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    In here without knowing the inquiry and its working site and how its help a true dealer you have top abstain from posting . cause your post is truly esteem ready to exchange herewith the learning . so fake thing ought to be skip. This is extremely key that we don't post on discussion for extra as well as learn something new, accomplishing some significant experience from one another furthermore keep the wish to help whatever available about Forex market.

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    yes, that is the right thing . in here before the posting you have to learn and know about the trade . cause without learning and trading practice no trader can earn and give any posting in this trade . so the main thing in this trade is really do the trade with the demo trading to know fully about the trade . thank you.

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    Due to risk calculation calculator I need the MS Excel other wise it will be more complex to submit in plain text.( As I named the strategy "Kiss" LOL) I have a funny calculation if any one can maintain this strategy strictly & consistently (Daily only 20 pip average) for 6 months $100 could be $14,000+ Don't agree? Have a look.

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    yes that is really important that in here if a trader wanna post ny thing he have to know that what happen in here and what is th main work in this trade . as a real trader without planning and without know the trade you can noit take any decision in this trade . sop as a real trader learn in this trade with the planning and post here to help all of the trader .

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    Yeah, definitely this is very important to be valuable and unique. It will be very helpful also for us. By having different traders trading views and thoughts we can gather lot of knowledge. This will help us in our trades.
    well, I'm new in this forum. I will definitely share my thoughts and trading views with you all. And by this I can learn new ideas by your expensive concerns. It also help to be experienced and be a gentle trader.....:)

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    Since we are being rewarded for our time here then why not make it useful too? We should post such stuff from which newbies can benefit, their knowledge can increase and they can rely on the information provided by us. just think of it as if i make a useless post and a new member reads it and knows it does not have anything useful, next time he will ignore all my posts because he knows i have nothing important to say.

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    Thanks mod for warning to all member about post. I try to always do interesting and qulified post. I think comprehensive thread before making any comment post. I do as I can. I realize that all the thread opened by moderator is very useful. Many sentence and each sentence have comprehend meaning

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