consistent profit

many traders want to get this level, get consitent profit at forex trading business, but the firsrt thing need to know that what is exactly with consisten profit ?

of course, this is not about stable income in doing business. but we can make a position that our hardwork give us some profit continuously and no matter for how much, it is better, loses is there, and we do not need to worry for them, and as long as we can handle them with make profit is always bigger than losing so we are in profit

i have passed some years at forex trading business and with my first two years just gave me some series loses. and it pushed me to think about how to solve this problem, because i have to grow up and not going nowhere

then, with my experiences , i got some points that is useful for me to change the condition and get the better one,

1. we have to trade based on the needs, take a look to the ability and capacity that we have had, it will make us to think with realistic with never take higher risk when we do not get ready for it and always use a simple trading system

2. never walk and pass the market price with one step in front of it, it will push the traders to guess, bet and predict the market with low analysis and just make a decision without know what will happen in there,

3. never set the target for how much profit we have to get , it is useful for us to keep stable the emotion, and as my opinions that target is not a motivation, but as the point to invite the emotion come easily

maybe my dear members, there are some points that can be added to complete them and it becomes a good combination for our kindness at forex trading and i wait for some feedback here,