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    Candlestick, or Japanese Candlestick chart style is a type of chart we can found on almost of trading software at the present.
    Candlestick is a powerful chart style. About Candlestick, lets directly talk about it.

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    candlestick shows us the pattern of he market if the market is in buy then the colour of candle stick's colour will be black and if it is white then the market going in selling.

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    Candlestick chart is a type that was popularized by the famous trader in Japan. previous candlestick is used to analyze the development of the rice trade, but because candlesticks are becoming increasingly popular and well liked, finally added in trading software platforms.

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    Candles of the most important tools that can be an indicator to the price trend at times, but should be a catalyst beside technical analysis or analysis Classic because trading only on candles does not bring profits and the percentage of credibility in the trading will be very few, so you should not only be a catalyst

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    In candlestick, one candle represent a market data in a period. One candle in m15 time frame represent market condition in one 15 minutes period.
    a candle as the picture i attach in my past post has 3 part.
    1. Upper Shadow
    2. Body
    3. Low Shadow
    Body give information of power domination in a period, Upper and Low shadow give important level (support and resistance).

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    I have always prefered to use the candlesticks in my chart formation compared to the line chart or bar chart, I prefer using the candlestick because it shows very important information such as open,close, high and low and it does this on all time frame right from the one minutes to the yearly tune frame,and let's not forget about the candlestick patterns which can be a guide in picking entry levels, I would say that candlestick formation is the best mostly for short term traders,like myself.

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    I also prefer to use the candlesticks in forex its a very good system to know about market well and I think other charts have not much benefits like candlesticks and mostly trader like to use candlestick in their charts its very easy and simple to understand rather than other graphs a good knowledge of candlestick can give you a very good result in trading

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    Candlestick is chart which is very important in Forex trading.It represent the date in a period,it indicates the price trend.Every trader must use candlestick in their chart as it show important information about the Forex market.Most of the trader use candlestick in their chat because it makes the easy to understand the market and help us to get success in their trade.

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    If we able to understand candlesticks pattern properly, then we may not move to other pattern. Candlestick is chart which is very important in Forex trading. I feel it very interesting and now I am trading with candlesticks chart also. But it it not so easy to become master of this pattern so easily, for that we need to continue the learning process on a continuous basis.

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    We find three types of pattern on our mt4 terminal. Another two is Bar & Line chart. Above this three candlestick pattern is more popular because we are able to understand the market movement in a better way from this candlestick pattern. If we want to find better result that time we need to make study about properties of different types of candle.

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