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    the programmer can be able to create expert advisor not the good trader but if the trader has good experience in programming then he will be able to make good expert advisor that will be suitable for his trading style and so he will be able to trade with high percentage of success and will maximize the profits easily and continuously.

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    In my opinion, even if you have made such a kind of software by yourself you better take services of some development company team who will check all the mistakes and make the code more clear. That is not difficult nowadays to find a good software development company like https://echoua.com. Just check the lists of the most popular companies and read the reviews.

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    EA creation could be a very complicated process even for experienced trader because it requires at least basic understanding of coding and building algorithms. In fact, trader has to "explain" his idea to the machine in the format it would be able to use. As the result, trader would get a bot that acts strictly in accordance with the rules prescribed by trading system. The main advantages of EA creation are the following:
    - it helps to save time and efforts since trader no longer needs to search for setups he is interested in or place orders and then watch position - all process would be fully automated, so the trader would be able to pay more attention to searching for new ideas and creating new strategies, which in fact is more creative task than trading itself,
    - it also allows to exclude the impact of trader`s psychology that sometimes leads to underperformance even if the strategy itself is profitable. For example, trader may loose just due to the lack of discipline. At the same time, a bot could easily follow rules without any doubts, that is almost impossible for the trader.

    Each trader should understand that he would need profitable trading system to build an EA. This part of task is one of the most complicated. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to find an interesting idea and then transform it into strategy to be able to benefit from it. There are different tools that could make this process simplier and less time-consuming, for example, special backtesting software like Forex Tester. It allows trader to check his ideas and trading systems using hisorical data. The software makes simulated trades on pre-defined period of history in accordance with the rules provided by trading system. As the result, trader will get a detailed report on the performance of the strategy in particuar trading conditions. Actually, it is also a kind of EA that executes trades using historical data insted of streaming. In case if the strategy has proved its performance on historical data, it will more likely to be profitable on real account. But keep in mind that past performance does not guarantee similar results in future, so use EAs carefully.

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