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Thread: Hotkey on mt4

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    Thanks for sahre those valuable trading hotkeys with us. Mt4 is the most popular trading platform, most of the traders use it. So we should know the details function about mt4, and your thread is great for learn about mt4 at all. We must know the diggest knowledge about metatrader 4.

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    The hotkeys doesn't matter that much because even without them we can use the platform easily at anytime with our mouse, hotkeys doesn't matter, what we need to learn is how to trade and make money easily in the market, though it's good to no this hotkeys but they really don't matter that much.

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    For those that have faulty computer or system then he/she may have the privilege of trading the market with the help of hotkeys that are available in making use, for those of us that basically makes use of mobile trading platform then you don't need any hotkeys at all because it will not be useful and it is not for mobile trading platform at all.

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    Hotkeys are good options trader who want to use it and trade with it, some traders may prefer to use it and some traders not and so it will be an option for the trader to use it or not, meta trader has many good options and so the traders may use some of them or all of them according to their need and preference.

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    It is good for you to share this information with us here because it is not all of us that are privileged to know the existence of hotkeys in metatrader4 platform is really a good development. With the help of hotkeys traders have the privilege of trading the market even if they have problems with their mouse, so it is necessary to acquire this knowledge.

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    Nice one on the meta trader 4 hotkeys, execution instructions or making deals could be infringed upon by technical difficulties or poor internet connection.
    This is where the hotkey becomes necessary.
    But then in the course of the thread, a trailing stop was mentioned, please I want to know how different the regular stop loss and the trailing stop.
    Is there any downside or advantage to using the trailing atop..

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    there are many options in the meta trader that let the trader to use them and with time the trader discover many things in meta trader that let him to trade well and make money, there are many good option in the platform and the trader can test them to see which is benefit for him and which is not and so the trader will be able to trade better.

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    Those who may have the privilege of trading in the market with the help of erroneous computer or system for their use, those who use mobile trading platforms who do not really need it, will not be effective for any hotkeys and it is not for mobile trading platform.

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