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    thanks for sharing the hotkeys for the mt4 platform of the roboforex, it'll honestly assist me in trading and in rush hours of buying and selling and a few instances my mouse prevent working so i can use the hotkeys and it is also a quick way use the platform,.,

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    Quote Originally Posted by naeem555 View Post
    this is not a strategy which can give us profit, this is something like shortcut for work quickly
    Thanks for the information.I thought that with it we could generate some profit.However like i said earlier,i never heard about a tool like this in forex that is called the hot key.But since you said it is used for making our trading activities faster,then i give you thumbs up for sharing it with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mehwishraheel View Post
    Here I would like to tell you all some meta trader options that are rarely used by traders, even most of the traders don't know about them. For example, traders don't know if they press Ctrl+L then volume indicator will show in their opened chart, if they press the button F8 then they will see the options, in which they can change the color of candles, they can also see the ask line, if they click on the box allowed them to show ask line, they will see a red line in their charts.
    Most of traders don't know that they can see their profits in pips, all they need to do is to right click on their existing order and then see the profits option, click on it and select one option (as point), and they will see their profits in pips, one more thing just above this option is trailing stop. So many traders don't know the use of trailing stop, they can select the trailing stop and the points as well. I have tried to educate people regarding use of meta trader.
    these are a good informations and helpful and so i benefit from it and so i will apply them or some of them according to my needs, i discovered many somethings new about meta trader and so this help in knowing of everything about the platform that can be beneficial to us, meta trader 4 is a good platform and so that makes it widely used by the traders.

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    Although, many traders might be looking amused about this hotkey, they might wanted the thread starter to give them an indicators that is useful for trading. But seriously, everything in the market is useful, they have their times of usage. Hotkeys make sure that traders command their trading account faster than the usual ways. And it is better used when traders have a hanging computer mouse.

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    Hotkeys are good ways to make use of you mt4 terminal easily within this Hotkeys you do not need to click you mouse but with some few keys on you terminal you can open and execute trade very fast, Hotkeys are good means to trade forex very fast when you do no want to make use of you mouse this keys will be very useful and important for you.

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    Wow, honestly I have not come across or know if such keys exist in forex trade. Thanks for this useful thread of course it will really be of help a lot, mostly traders that basically depends on desktop in their trade hotkeys will do a great and make things more faster for then in their trade. It is a good one for such functions like hotkeys to be in forex of course in some cases that your mouse may be faulty and with the hotkeys you can still work on it.

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    Very good resource for those of us who like to minimize our use of the mouse when operating our PC. also this information can help to perform operations faster when required. also this can help new traders to access features that they do not know how to reach or access through the use of the graphic user interface of the meta trader 4 trading platform.

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    Yea @obaforex this key help us to minimize our use of the mouse with this keys we can perform trades easily open and close the chart easily this Keys are very good and useful it help you minimize the use of the mouse, they are helpful when we don't want to use the mouse that much, but when we are comfortable using the mouse at all time this keys won't be necessary.

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    Thanks for this information, I have taken note of all the Hotkeys in mt4 this will help anyone to do things easier without the mouse, with just the keyboard we can do things easily because keyboard somethings is faster to make some execution so I appreciate your efforts to share this useful information to members.

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    Most time we use our mouse to do almost everything on the mt4 platform but with this few Hotkeys we will be able to use the keyboard to fasting some commands, this are shortcut that could be use to trade in your mt4 platform easily using just the keyboard and not the mouse this time, the keyboard Hotkeys work faster than mouse that's why we need to practice how to use the keyboard for trading too.

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