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Thread: Hotkey on mt4

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    Smile Hotkey on mt4

    here i share hotkeys on mt4 platform :





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    hotkeys part 2 :



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    Thanks for giving us knowing the the meta trader 4 platform hot key details.
    This is useful information for know the platform better. thanks

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    i want to know that how i benifited from robo forum please sugget me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joynal View Post
    i want to know that how i benefitfrom robo forum please sugget me.
    Hello! joynal
    The Roboforex forum benefits you with several ways , we have daily analysis reports on different pairs , which can give an edge for the better analysis in your trading ..
    We have a trading strategies sections , you can pick a strategy and can work it .
    You may also can see traders talk room , where we talk different trading aspect from general,beginner and psychological point of view .
    So hence the forum is a comprehensive a complete way to get the pick in your trading

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    thank for sharing the info

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    Good information mate even i have not found this type of sharing in other forums +1 thumbs up added for your work and also thanks for sharing this MT4 hotkeys for us.

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    thabks friend for this subject i used metatrader4 and almost traders use them but dont know all secrets keys and with these hot keys we can make it easily and sure you will trade very clearly

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    Hi,i know that hot-keys are a very quick tool to execute the orders in the Metatrader so i use always the F9 key to open a new order window very quickly but the others keys i don't use them and I'm learning them key by key so thanks for this thread and i hope as a newbie in Forex to start learning with this forum

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    Some Meta Trader options

    Here I would like to tell you all some meta trader options that are rarely used by traders, even most of the traders don't know about them. For example, traders don't know if they press Ctrl+L then volume indicator will show in their opened chart, if they press the button F8 then they will see the options, in which they can change the color of candles, they can also see the ask line, if they click on the box allowed them to show ask line, they will see a red line in their charts.
    Most of traders don't know that they can see their profits in pips, all they need to do is to right click on their existing order and then see the profits option, click on it and select one option (as point), and they will see their profits in pips, one more thing just above this option is trailing stop. So many traders don't know the use of trailing stop, they can select the trailing stop and the points as well. I have tried to educate people regarding use of meta trader.

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