robot vs manual
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Thread: robot vs manual

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    robot vs manual

    trading using a robot may be the best choice for any beginner trader but in fact it may be so risky because all Expert Advisors do not use stop loss so you may loss all your money in one or two trades .trading using your skills will be the most useful way to improve your trading experience because you may face loss so it will be a nice to learn from this loss .so i prefer to trading depending on my trading skills .

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    I would prefer manual trading instead of robot because for me, robot trading is risky because its my own deposit so i cant rely on some technology. Only i myself can take the responsibility to trade and make profits rather than robots (EA)

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    Manual trading or trading with a robot is a way to gain profit. Most traders prefer a manual trading rather than robot. Personally I choose manual trading because by manual I may a control everything I do. I do not believe the robot get work well or an error. I think trading by the robot as well as gambling

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    I think the robot trading is good way to make the profit as a newbies trader but i think the good way of the trading is manual trader and mostly trader perfer manual trading because in this way you will check you skills of the trading and improve you skills and get the knowledge of the trading.

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    Robot trading are fake, these robots always use more and more risk in forex market and because of this, these robots blows the trading account very quickly so that is why manual trading is good and we can able to control our traders by manual trading and it is the choice of every trader.

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    i think any successful strategy or any successful expert should have stop loss man because we may lose all of account in news time , but personally i prefer the manual trading more than robot trading because i think that is more controller more than the robot because i think the robot made from specific rules and cant choose the correct signal from the wrong one ..

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    I still use manual trading because I do not have enough knowledge to make forex robot, after all, I do not have a VPS account forex robot that can operate sepanjagng time. According to my manual trading is suitable for investors who are still learning because we can monitor our trading through forex chart.

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    anybody thinking of making anything from forex trading must take the demo account very serious,the demo account remain the only place we can learn to become a better trader,though some think demo trading is boring while some think it a waste of time but if one want to really make money from trading forex he/she must trade the demo account.

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    i started with manual trading but now i am quite busy in my studies thats why i use both techniques mean manual trade and trading with expert advisors but i think for newbies its good to become strong in manual trading then they should move towards robot trading cause it is not possible for newbies to handle and purchase good robot for trading and make profit.

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    I prefer to be a manual trader than to be the robot trader, the robot traders are the traders that does not really know what they are doing, the market is not for those set of forex traders, they are only participating in the market, they can not be proud of their trading, this is not what i want about the market for myself.

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