the best time frame to scalping
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Thread: the best time frame to scalping

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    Question the best time frame to scalping

    i think trading with 1 minutes time frame with any currency will not be the best time frame to scalping it may be so good if you are scalping with gold with 1 minute time frame .i think the best time frame to trading with a scalping strategy is 5 minutes time frame it is the best way to trade Forex also .

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    For scalping I would agree that the 1 minutes time frame is indeed too little to for any price action bases such as key support or resistance level, personally I would recommend both the 5 minutes and the 15 minutes time frame for scalping in the currency market.

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    Though I do not do scalping but in my view 5 minutes time frame is the best time frame to do scalping as this is neither a very long time frame nor a very short one for scalping, so if we want to have safe scalping then we must follow 5 mins and mins time frame because 1 min time frame will be very difficult to control and make profits.

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    I avoid scalping, because scalper are the trader who are having sharp knowledge about correlating technical analysis with the news.
    One of my friend do very good scalping in Commodities ( specially in Gold), and he generally watch 5 minute chart and he make good amount of money and the time is around 7 Pm ( Indian standard time) w, at that time USA market opening hour which causes good fluctuation and he take the benefit of that by analyzing the 5 minute chart.

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    i think that the best time frame for scalpers start from 5 min chart and higher but not more than 30 min chart ,the trader should choose the proper positions of trading and the proper time also to be able to get maximum profits from it and avoid reversal of the market against you that may lead to a big loss instead of making of some profits ,scalping needs careful

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    dont tell me that you try to trade with gold one minute fram time only for few days because it dont work always friend, be carfull, you can lose in one day what you have win in one month so keep you eyes open on your trades and I dont recomond trade one minute its so riscky.

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    i follow some time frames from the smaller to the higher, it is necessary because they have their own function which i need to get more data or information from the market, and of course, the basic for scalping is the smaller time frames, but it is so risky if we do not know what exactly the market direction, then for it, we need to pay attention to see the higher time frames and get the true trend as the guide for scalping, and with this way, we can do scalping with follow the trend, it is safe and even we can maximize our earning

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    forex trading is one of the most popular business all over the world. there are many kind of trading system in here. one of them is scalping type trading system. many traders use various kind of trading system. but i think the 5 min time frame is the best time frame for the scalping trading.

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    I think for scalping volatile time is useful. You can use even h1 time frame to scalp. When market become very furious then we get more opportunity to earn good profits. but it is up to you. You can use any time frame to trade. I will suggest to use h1, m5 , m15. The combination of three time frame is good than one tf.
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    I have a Forex trading depends on the ability and confidence . He must be a person of learning and experience on the Forex . And he will have to invest a higher amount of money . You are able to get the confidence to trade as your permanent source of income , then you may be permanent , depending on the Forex . It also enables the Forex trading risks as a flexible business .

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