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Thread: new found in mt4 platform

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    After login you can check all news by journals when you will open this tab then you will see all activities on your mt4. and when you will click on news and news tab is also available and after click on the news than you can read all news. and effects on pairs. more about news you can check by google and many sites are giving you news trading. and better is webinar for all traders.

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    Market is not move big when big news are come. We must need make strategy after news released because I also see many time news effect is nothing on market. We must need wait for news released then when market is move and follow the new trend then we need to make strategy for earning big money because after news market is move too much big.

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    i think that is the best Forex trading platform for any trader so i like it so much and there is many trading system that is depending on this platform so i like to trade using this platform to be able to analysis the market and also there is many choice on this platform so i like it so much .

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    [lang=ar]in fact, I'm very needed to the existing economic news in own currencies economic calendar, as I would trade on the news
    And I win a lot from him that the economic news is very important for every trader market as it flips head over heels
    And all strategies fail during the issuance of the news[/lang]

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    We can see news and signals in our meta trader 4 terminal. We only need to login in our account then goes to news tab where all the marekt news and signals of big banks or professional instatitions are available. We can find good tips their that help us to find a good trading entry in which we can easily make huge income every day in our every trade.

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    We can find daily news in our meta trader platform news tab. If we are see our terminal news then we are not need to see economic calendar because we can find news on our terminal already. We also can see news on our chart because indicators are available which can show us news released every day on our market chart.

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    Meta trader 4 platform already have news tab so its not found a new thing in it. now we can find many new things in meta trader 5 which s latest trading platform terminal in forex business. Many new features are introduce in this platform which is latest version of meta trader. you can use it for better experience of trading.

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    yeah in our platform now many things are new which help a trader better in their trading. Daily news are available from our broker side in our meta trader platform news tab which help us up to date with the current market situation. In this way we can place our order at best price and be able to earn big income every day.

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    I think trust on news is not good because we see there is always a different impact on news ,so if we avoid then we earn from it and in other case ,if we must work for news trading then we build some rules for trading like we always trade with stoploss because through this we make safe trading .

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    this is doesn't matter for me and i don't pay attention to the news whether in metatrader function or in indicator so what is matter for me is watching economic calander and making techinical analysis and this is better for me in forex trading and i always do that in my daily trading

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