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Thread: new found in mt4 platform

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    News find one mt4 or mt5 cannot be rely on because most of those news are not that accurate, there are better websites where we can get good news that can be rely on, news find on mt4 are not good and cannot be rely on so this isn't a very good development to me, there are good websites we can get good news that we can rely on.

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    Paying attention to news feed should not be a key priority in my opinion.
    In order to make profitable trades, I do mostly technical analysis.
    News could sometimes be deceiving, it takes your focus off the market trend especially when the feeds have no impact.
    You could see yourself deviating from a strong market setup just because you felt a news release would change the market trend and thus you miss out on the profits.
    How can we even determine with certainty which news release would actually affect the market.

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    the news present in the tab of the meta trader maybe not helpful for the trader it is just for letting the trader to know the different news that is related to forex or affect on it, the trader may look to it to see or do not and so the trader may not focus on them because it is not so important and so the trader may see the news in the calendar better.

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    Mt4 is a great trading tool. There are many features of trading on this terminal, including the News tab, we can directly read forex related news from the terminal which makes the news easy to trade because the daily news in this terminal can be very helpful in our trading, the news tab is a new feature and It is very helpful for those who are interested in news trading.

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    Many thing new found in mt4 terminal. Lets news updates, mail box and market trend and activity and many more thing. Main thing now mt4 terminal updates to mt5 terminal for new generation. Mt4 terminal and mt5 terminal are same trading platform but some function are very difficult in mt5 trading platform and we cannot use mt5 terminal easily because some function are very different and new for our.

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