How much pips possible to earn by trading per day
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Thread: How much pips possible to earn by trading per day

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    Exclamation How much pips possible to earn by trading per day

    I think 30-50 pips profit is enough per day . what's your opinion.

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    usually it depends on the period of time yangkita use when trading forex. Sometimes there are forex traders targeting 30-50 pips per day, but there are also targeting around 100-300 pips profit per day

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    It's quit uncertain,for a trader to say that he wants to earn so so amount of pip per day,because you have to consider draw backs and losses,you can't just make profits all the way there are some weeks that all you do is to cut your losses,so saying that you want to make xx amount of pips daily is just a fantasy.

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    the number of pis made every day depends on the strategy used by the trader because there are strategies used for short time and strategies used for longer time and also making of pips depends on his experience because if he has a good experience he can make a lot of profits but if he has a little experience he will make a small number of pips then he will close the trade quickly due to fear of loss

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    This is depend on you how much pips do you want earn per day. if you want earn large amount of pips per day then you can earn by fast moving pairs. but if you want earn normal pips then all major pairs can be good for you.

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    We have to stick on our rules and plans because it is much important for us for earning profit per day. Forex has much emotions and we must have to control these emotions all the time to do better and profitable trade without any pressure and problem.

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    Every trader have their own strategy and ideas, all are not same , in my mind is that 30 to 50 pips per day is enough and we should go with our pre played plain , and keep a target to our selves and achive or reached to this target daily, until we completed our per day goal we will never set freely

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    The number of pips possible for the traders that are aggressive about the market are more than what you can think about, what i know is that it is your trdaing capability that will earn more you and if you think you can do more than that, then it is your lot, but be very careful to get more money 35 pips should be fine.

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    Forex trading business is fully wide business and its has no special times and not special conditions but in may mind 35 to 40 pips is very good and enough in a day, because 24 hours a day is not possiable to work because it will destroy our health , so if we works only 3 hours in forex it will be enough

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    I think 40-50 pips per day is enough for a trader.But it totally depends upon the trader that how much profit he/she wants and they can trade as per it.Forex is a huge and profitable business and it doesn't have special time or conditions and it totally depends upon the trader.You should be careful because more pips per day can be fined or your account can be banned.

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