trading with scalping strategy
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Thread: trading with scalping strategy

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    Question trading with scalping strategy

    according to me i prefer to trading with a scalping strategy
    do you prefer to trade with a scalping strategy or you prefer to trade with the long term trading ??
    if you prefer to trading with a scalping strategy will you use a bog lot size to make big profits or do you think that is so risky ??

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    From my experience of the currency market its best you trade long term and use a low lot size to enable you mange risk, although you can scaple when you see an opportunity to do so,but I prefer long term to enable me mange risk better.

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    But in my opinion in scalping strategy we have to take higher risk than other style and it may make more loss if we don't have good skill and don't have familiarize with the forex market. its very good when market condition in sideways time

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    Scalping strategy is very profitable, but unfortunately I do not have an accurate scalping strategy until today. Therefore I often using swing trading, so I'm more focused on money management that I use so iam not tget a margin call when my order was getting a floating loss.

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    Scalping strategy is very profitable way to trade but too risky and we must not trade with large lot size because in that case we will not be able to hold the position for longer periods of time if the market makes a U turn so better to do scalping with money management only so that we can hold the trade for longer periods.

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    Scalping strategy purely for expert traders.
    \Who are trading very frequently and have expertise on understanding of chart. Because scalping can be done only after either break out or break down, and by reading the chart for either 15 minutes or 5 minutes, trader place their order with immediate target and set their stop loss price. Because in some seconds that will give a spike in either way which cause a good profit or big loss to the trader.
    I believe in long term trading because lack of knowledge for scalping strategy.

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    Trading with scalping is very risky to trade but it is very profitable too.It require proper knowledge and experience to trade,so if you have proper knowledge and skill you can trade in this business and can earn a huge amount of profit.Good planning,strategy and analysis is also very important to trade in scalping.

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    I am trading with both the short term and long term as per situation of the market. I think, long term trading is better than scalping through which it is easy to continue trade with less risk. But, scalping is getting me some benefit. Both the trading system needs adequate knowledge and skill.

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    trading with scalping strategy is good and help the trader to get good profits in short period of time ,but it has high risk and may lead to loss rather than winning, so the trader needs to use good trading strategy and use stop loss, the trader needs also to have good experience in scalping trading strategy,so the trader will make good income with continuous trading

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    Scalping is not very good strategy because this is very danger and if you can loss your money.. but some times scalping can be good but if you will doing always scalping so then you have very high risk with your trade.. always working on the targets of pips...

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