What is the spread in the trading ?
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Thread: What is the spread in the trading ?

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    I think the margin in between the bid and ask price this gap in price is known as the spread. On every round trade you make will pay the spread. The spread is a how the broker makes money form their traders making trades. what is your opinion about the spread

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    Yes i have the same opinion too. The amount of pips between the bidding price and the asking price, that's spread. Spread is what forex brokers use to make money on every forex trade placed through their network. So when we buy, we get one end of the spread and when we sell we get the other end of it, and vice versa. By the time we close our trade, we'll have always paid the spread.

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    spreads in forex trading that is the point difference between the market price point with the point specified by the broker. usually spreads determined differently in each broker because when we open an order, the broker also get a broker's position to be right, that spreads

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    Already is the difference between the price of buying and selling in the forex market is very important and everyone from the traders are looking for companies that have spread them a little so they can make big profits easily and special rolling, who prefers highways, especially scalping and trading on the news must have spread a little because the stop loss is small profits and also be small

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    Spread to me is the amount that your broker would charge you for an open order,some brokers spread are fixed while some fluctuates such as we see it in roboforex,some accounts are being charged commission on entries and also charged a very tight spread,and we can see such class of account in the ecn account that roboforex provides.

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    spread is the money taken from the broker on each order you make and this represent the profits that the broker take it from you to give you service of trading in forex market and this spread differ from one broker to another and also may differ from trade to another if it is variable and from pair to another,spread may be fixed or variable according to broker system,and less spread is better than high spread

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    The spread in the forex trading business is that the difference between the market price and the price specified by the trader , this will be not the same and not any constant value and may be same times these are same to one another , and its all depends on broker system

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    if forex market we trader under a bank and a terminal and they make our trade and close our order but they get soem tnad take some profit for this and this is called spread and it is verify under the broker as here you can make profit easily if you are doing in short spread terminal .

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    Spread is the difference between big and ask value. It is different from forex pairs to pairs. Some pairs have less spread and some have more spread but we must try to do trade in those pairs which have low spread because it will helps us in making a good money management system as well as it gives less loss.

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    To know about spread of differ trading pairs you should try to check in meta trader 4 software basically I do trade only in Euro/Usd pair and there are many more major pairs which can you use for your trading all major pairs have less spread for trading

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