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Thread: Trading with patience will bring profits

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    Exactly Patience is one of the most important because if you do not have patience then you will start putting all of your money at once and you will lose and the only thing that you need to do is that have patience and have trust in your strategy and let the strategy drive your business not your mental abilities for your emotions.
    If you Try, You risk Failing: If you don't, You ensure it.

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    Well i think Agressive trading is not solution if you don't have patience you must learn how to be patience to make the right decision and make money in forex trading business so friend I advice all trader to make rules to sucees in your carriere and thank you for share this informations with us

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    patience is very important for all kind of trader. most of the new trader lose their initial capital for make profit quickly but it is very difficult to earn quickly without enough trading experience. it is very important to find exact trading point for more profit. we should have more patience to make profit continuously.

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    Each trader shuold be patient enough to move step by step towards trading success. In fact, patience in trading includes several elements. First of all, trader should understand that is impossible to become profitable trader just in a few weeks, so it is necessary to be patient enough to make efforts to become professional trader. The actual time depends on numerous factors including education, experience and financial capabilities, but on average it takes 1-3 years to become a profitable trader.
    Trader should be also patient enough to hold profitable positions long enough to generate substantial profit. Many traders, especially newbie ones, close their positions too early just when they get first small profit. In fact, such approach leads to the wrong risk reward ration and underperformance in long term perspective.
    It is important to understand that way to success in trading could be long enough, and quite difficult to. Each trader would face numerous technical and psychological issue he would have to deal with to become consistently profitable trader.

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    yes its right if we do more practice our win chance increase .so always focous on is so patient business so me recoumend those people who greedy nature be away from trading its so difficult for htese type of people.always be patient in every step of life.

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    "The emotional state of the trader directly affects his deposits. Even the best verified strategy can cause losses if the trader is disturbed or full of fear and danger." I read it in one article and I absolutely agree with this statement. It is important not only to work hard, but also to have enough rest.

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