fealing of the first profit
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Thread: fealing of the first profit

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    Red face fealing of the first profit

    making profits is a great thing for any trader . also facing loss it the worst thing for any trader . i think the best moment for any beginner trader is when he make any profits what a moment !! it means he can be a good trader in a day so all beginner trader are so happy at this moment.

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    When achieved a profit on Forex for the first time I felt joy very large, although the money was very small but I feel like I got to the first way to make profits and also achieve the dreams that I want from forex was joyous bigger when you make the first withdraw

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    That will surely make us happy when we will trade and make our first profit, and for the beginners that will surely boost their confidence but the trader must remember not to get over excited and should never use emotions while trading and keep on trading with proper concentration.
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    I am a new trader for here in this forum but when I will achieve my first profit from bonus I will feel very happy and I want to celebrate a party that day hope that day will come soon in my life and I will enjoy that day with my family I love forex too much its one of the best place of earning for me

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Well I can remember my first profit it was about 70$ and I did well in my first week of trading but got over excited and lost it the second week its was very unfortunate experience, because I
    Thought I was on my road to riches, well experience has tout me well that I needed more to learn about and more experience to become a more successful trader.

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    Yes, when we get profit from forex trading we are very happy with the profit, no matter if we get a large or a small profit. But when we experience increased we often make too big a target profit from the strength of our capital, and it often makes us suffer huge loss.

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    first profits always gives strengths for future and gives encourage to earns lots of profits in Forex trading business...when we experience increased we often make too big a target profit from the strength of our capital, and it often makes huge loss.

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    Feeling of the first profit is very great for every trader.Facing loss is the worse time for every trader but i think the best movement is earning profit.First profit will help to built confidence and concentration to earn profit again.Encourages trader to work hard and earn a huge amount of profit from forex trading business.

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    Profit and loss both are part of Forex trading. It is obvious that profit make us more confident and happier when loss make us weak and confident loss.
    but their should not be any worried as huge opportunity is available fr all traders. When ever you loose take it as a lesson fr future trading, if you make money then follow the same strategy in future.
    Both can helpful and advantage for traders.

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    i think feeling with profit in all causes in great thing , i think it can improve our style of life , because make profit make you happy and if you will be happy you will be comfortable in your out life , so we should concentrate and improve our ways in trade to make profit and don't make losses ..

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