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Thread: Forex the only business which can give good earning with a small deposit.

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    now a days forex trading is the most profitable business. here one can have the chance to make huge profit within a short time and also with a small deposit. it is basically a trading business where we need to have proper knowledge and trading experience to make perfect trade with risk. then we can make huge profit with small capital.

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    my submission on this is that i do not think that there is any other business all around the world that can give the kind of profit returns on a very little capital like the forex business and i am sure this is the fundamental reason why we have so many forex traders all over the world. if you have the knowledge and the experience, then you can build a very small trading capital into a big amount over a period of time, it is very possible, but the disadvantage of using small capital to trade the forex market is that it is very easy to lose such capital to the market , even if you are an experience trader, you will be faced with many challenges before such little amount can be developed or built.

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    well i believe that there are some other businesses out there that we can still put our money inside for maximum profit but the only differences is that there is none among them that can give the profit that forex can especially in a very short time, many investment will promised you a lot interest on your investment, but at the end of the day you will never get it, but in this forex business, it is a do it yourself business, where you get what you do with your own hand so i do not think that there is other business hat you can start with such little amount and earn that big but the truth is that the forex market equally carry so much risk too.

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    yea personally i think forex is the only business that can give income with small omount but with some conditions,like one must have good strategy of which this will help him/her trade in a way thst he/she will be getting good profit than loss al relate this to a cheetar hanting,actually having goid strategy and skills in forex is just lyk that of a cheetar hanting,also one can get income here with small deposit if he/she will have self duscipline and also if thete is this issue of money msnagenent am very sure with all this we can really enjoy the fruits of forex trading.i say so because its only in forex where you can deposit ten dorlas and if kin and good planing it double to 1000 dorlas easilly.

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    Hi friend you are right Forex is the only business you can start with just only 1 dollar or some brokers offer non deposit bonus which means free trading and some offer forums bonus like Roboforex which is golden egg for newbies. So before start trading need good strategy, planing, patience and don't take any risk.

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    I am very sure that if there is any reason why there are so many forex traders all over the world, then it will be this singular factor investing a little and making a big amount later, in the past forex was an exclusive business for the rich because you needed hundreds of thousands of dollar before you can trade the forex market, but now it has become a retail business where even with mere $10 you can start to trade the forex market and if you e good, you can make huge profits fro r little investment.

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    Forex is a good business, but that is not a means to rate it because of what traders faces with this forex. I am only sure that it is a matter of small amount of money to make bigger money when such trader is patient, it is not automatic at all, it is a matter of how such traders behaves in the market. Forex is an avenue to lose more money too if care is not taken.

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    yes it is right trading is a business which can give us a good earning with small investment it is very use full business and very effective but if we know about it if we learn its skills and learn about market values so we can earn a lot of money otherwise we can loose the money and hope so becarefull

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    The reality is that small investment is not suitable for this business, but the reality is that who are just come in this business small invest is good for them. I am not intending to disagree that simple investment is enough for profit making. Mainly forex is the world business where are dealing a lot of money so simple amount some time keep us pressure.

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    It could be true that forex trading can give us huge amount of money with little investment. But that shouldn't actually decieve us because with the things I have learned. We need a solid foundation of learning before we can have the success we seek. Therefore what I am trying to say is that lack of knowledge will still equal to much losses.

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