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    technical analysis is best way to trade i think because we test market data with own stratgety system.in fundamental system we always confuse what we do here much opinion so we we confuse some time.but technical analysis is strong way to trade.

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    To my mind, both technical and fundamental analysis are important equally. Fundamental analysis is necessary to understand the current situation at the market while technical anaylsis allows trader to choose optimal entry points to open the position with the best possible risk-reward ratio. So, trader has to pay attention to all aspects and all types of analysis to understand the whole picture and also to see the details.
    At the same time, it is also important to choose the right platform to be able to benefit from trading opportunities that occur at the market from time to time. Trader needs to be sure that all his orders would be executed in timely and accurate manner without any delays and with minimal slippage.

    As far as I see, newbie traders pay attention mostly to the technical analysis, focusing their efforts on indicators and similar tools, but to my mind, they should also keep in mind fundamental factors impacting trading.

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    BOTH are important for me. My analysis is incomplete if I pay less attention to any one of them. Both technical and fundamental analysis are complementary.

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    I think both plays a factor in trading so it is important to dabble in them.

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    I agree with most here, Both are important though technical should be given some more weightage than fundamental analysis I believe.

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    Technical and fundamental analysis are two ways to analyze the forex market. Technical analysis looks at price movement (charts) and fundamental looks at economic factors. Let us discuss about these two analysis, which one of them which more powerful in forex trading
    The thing is very important is that analyze should be right on loss margin

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