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Thread: Questions and answers on the WebTrader trading platform

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    Quote Originally Posted by aris90 View Post
    you do not need to instal the sofware in your computer, but you just browse with your browser and get click on the link of web trader terminal. The trading terminal give you less advantages because web trader terminal can not be inserted by the EA and any other script in forex trading.
    Of course, there are limitation to the webtraders, but in the recent days, developers have being replicating the displacement and programs of the mt4 to the web trading platforms, and brokers are trying to implement other functionality in the webtrader. This platform is good only when traders do not have access to the mt4 on either PC or mobile device.

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    forex market is a one kind of market in the all over the world most of the people are trading forex market ,trading in forex market various trading software now i said the web trading some of the people are open the account in web trading account they are trade in website in forex broker .web trading is very good in forex market.

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    I have several time discuss with others traders why need web platform, binary, zulo.... we are need to learn how to earn from forex as possible with easily . we need to learn how to over each trade patiently .Mt4 is best for all i think. i hope that all above understand what i said .

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    ftware before they can access the market and they can directly trade whenever they want to do it,the traders can manage how they want to trade today or to trade tommorrow from the browser without downloading software first in some situation it is very good because they have chance to see the market when the mt4 or mt5 is in error,i also can trade the similar way.

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    I need to appreciate the company for this great privilege but I would like to ask whether this web trading terminal has the functionalities that are similar to that of mt4 platform where we can use pending orders such as buy stop , buy limit, sell stop and sell limit. In addition, I would like to know whether , there is a provision for the use of trailing stop just as we have in mt4

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    I have been trading with mt4 trading platform I have come to know that is way better than trading in the web platform because when you trading in this mt4 you can change alot example by adding template and individual indictors that you can add to the platform

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    web platforms are easy and simple they are all formed to value the good of every market that we see around and for the right reasons that we have developed the right web trading version has a number of good interactive choices that make trading really easy and simple these is when markets are able to work fwell for all who can

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    i like the platform roboforex is fast and good broker thank you

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    Hm..main issue about web platform is their customisation. It can be used as some kind of beckup opportunity. To see what is going on with market, price of various assets etc. when we are in Internet caffe or something like that. But this days all of us have smarthphones with fully functional and customisable mobile mt4 application. That make web platform almost useless for any serious but informative purpose. Future of web platforms should be development in a direction of implementing as much posible features as desktop mt4 platform have.
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    There are so many brokers that don't allow trading with robots that are called abatriage that's one thing I want to asked does roboforex trading with this kind of robots

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