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    I believe all trading platforms has its pros and cons, leaving its choice of use to traders. With my experience using the web trader, i have noticed this few disadvantages:
    Heavy load. It needs good and steady internet connection to start, and it is not advisable to open other heavy pages in the same browser simultaneously.
    Over-crowded interface. At first glance, it seems bright and unobstructed, but when I tried to use it, it felt somehow cramped.

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    I love the whole idea of the web trader. Its a welcomed innovation.
    The most particular feature I appreciate is the platform non-dependency.
    This means I could pick up the PC of my friend who is not a trader and does not have metatrader or any such trading software, log in to my account and either open or close a position with ease.
    This flexibility has come as a relief to traders who are always on the move and do not have the liberty to travel with their PCs.

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    I younger brother is a web trader. We trading is very fast and smooth. From any computer you can join web trading. By using any browser one can join web trading. By several mouse clicks one can enjoy web trading. you need not download any other sotware.

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    Day by day technologies are advancing and we are getting advanced level of tools for trading. I've used the web trader of roboforex and its really impressive and effective. But I've faced problem with my mobile phone where my mobile's browser caused slowness in trade execution.

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    It is really good to find it and useful as well for mobile trading, anywhere and anytime. I think he/she will prefer trading with mt4

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    more simple web trader or mt4 for trading?

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