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    It is a big advantage for the traders. Generally we use mt4 or mt5 platform for trading. But there were lack of many kinds of advantage. So I think this web trade make our trading simple and accurate. As it is web terminal of Robo forex, it should be more fast in order execution. Day by Day Robo Forex give us more and more new ways for successful trading.

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    Web trading is one of the best ways that you can make money online without prescription of download of mt4 that you can use at any time you have to make sure that you have one of the best Internet for you use this form of platform you have known that trading is something you can use to trade without additional I indictors

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    Web trader is useful but i think it is some problems for beginners. We can trade here from any computer easily use any browser in website, there are no any download problem. Anytime we can work here very smoothly.

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    [lang=ar]I am really very very happy to know Roboforex has finally introduced WebTrader. I have used webtrader for the first time about 3 years ago and fount it useful. It is interesting that after login to webtrader with my email and password I can get full list[/lang]

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    I've used a quick deal in the transaction and the deal opens the lock
    It has a range of easy and simple indicators on the podium, but I have a question Can I copy one of the accounts on this platform
    I hope that one answer me this question and thank youØŸ
    thank you very match

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    Very excellent platform which will help in completing the transaction quickly and analysis, but in the beginning you need to learn so that we can deal with them quickly it's really wonderful

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    using webtrader also need a stable connection in order to keep programs running good .its suitable for traders who travel or who too busy outside and did not have time to go home to see their transction on acomputer or laptop.

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    i am working on the forex i always use webtrader for the trading on the forex and it is very good for the trade. however there a lot of mobiles which have a lot of application and may be there are some which have the meta trade 4 application

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    it is suitable for traders who travel or who are too busy outside and didnt have time to go home on laptop . , client has the possibility to turn the graph form for each instrument separately. There is no option to use one default for all charts , each graph is installed separately from the other .

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    this is more than comfortable platform trading i have ever seen i see the real price of period and every thing is clear and there is no any lag on it means its poweful platform and we hope to add some themes to be awonderful platform from good broker.

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