Jackie (5105901), offer #8804 (Trader on profit)
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Thread: Jackie (5105901), offer #8804 (Trader on profit)

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    Jackie (5105901), offer #8804 (Trader on profit)

    Trader: Jackie https://my.roboforex.com/en/copyfx/p...rs/show/12213/
    Account number: 5105901
    Server name: RoboForex Pro-Cent
    Account type: CopyFx Pro-Cent
    Leverage: 1:500
    Budget: 102.32 USD
    Rating: http://www.copyfx.com/ratings/rating-all/show/12213/

    Offer description:

    Offer scheme: Trader on profit
    Add date: 5 February 2015 03:48:51
    Start date: 5 February 2015 03:48:51
    End date: 18 February 2015 00:00:00
    Risk level: Maximum
    Commission for profit: 30%
    Pie size: 999 USD
    Trading strategy: å°½é‡ä¿æŒèµ„é‡‘ï¼Œæ ‹æ•°, æ æ ï¼Œä¸€è‡´ï¼Œç›®æ 是100%。Try to keep the funds, the lots,leverage is consistent, the goal is 100%.

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    Jackie, first of all congratulations for your performance!!! I'm a big admirer of your work
    are you going to use the same strategy used in the previous offer? the #8674 from 30-jan to 05-feb that you made 596%?


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    The Trader/Manager Jackie has gotten a closed offer.

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