what is your decision if i had a margin call ??
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Thread: what is your decision if i had a margin call ??

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    Exclamation what is your decision if i had a margin call ??

    i am a beginner trader and i want your advice about this if i had a margin call what should i do ?? should i stop trading Forex because i may loss more money or start deposit more money ?? or i must turn to trading with my demo account . what is your opinion please .

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    margin call is the worst thing that can happen to a trader, in such a situation a trader should keep his mind cool and should never make their emotions to effect on their trades, rather they should try to focus more on the forex and should try to improve from their mistakes.
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    Getting margin call is a normal thing for a trader, if you het margin call doesn't means that you should quit trading forex,although its important that you review your goals and standard to know if you can continue trading or you quit trading forex which I believe is a decision that you alone can decide,when I had a margin call I didn't quit trading forex I rather work hard in being and improving NY trading skills.

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    We should plan our trade in such a way that this margin call does not come in our way, because this is the worst thing in Forex trading business, because when we get margin call before execution of another deposits accounts become zero and thereafter market makes a U turn its my personal experience so we must work in that way so that no margin call comes on the way of our trading.

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    So we called our personal experience differs from our past, in how business plans work to get in we call 0 before you run the account can u turn to what is Forex trading for worst differ from other cells to get us not our business.

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    Well dear stop loss and take profit both are important for us. If we use both , then we will not get margin call in trading and never face much loss. I suggest every trader to use these tools in trading, it is essential for every forex trader in order to survive in this market.

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    If we get a margin call, then we should do practice trading with a demo account. Because if we continue to force ourselves to trading with real account, then we can make an even greater loss. Later through the demo account we can find the mistake we did to cause us to experience losses.

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    As a new trader it is always advices to start practicing in demo trading after learning from various sources like Internet, books and other ways like direct training from expert traders etc.
    And also always start with small amount ( sur plus money you have), so that you can learn in either way of market may be profit or loss.
    Now days many forums are also available where you can make free bonus amount to start forex trading instead of investing your own money from pocket.
    Once you learn in demo trading then can take risk of investing in real trading account for making money.

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    Margin call is not a new factor for the newbies. I faced 3 times margin call during my past 1 year trading career. In such a situation, you need to gather moral courage to continue trade with more enthusiasm. The experience of margin call is also a good lesson for all of us.

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    sometimes in the forex business, because when we get a margin call before the implementation of deposit accounts again become zero, and then make the market.

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