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    Ofcourse i feel proud that i am a forex trader, But instead of trading alone i will prefer to work in any investment banks which has good score for finance as well as commerce students.I have already enrolled for CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST(CFA) and i want to go for portfolio management in future.

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    Yes i feel proud as being a Forex trader because forex is my source of earning and living. And we should praise and consider our source of earning as sacred. Forex is fighting against unemployment as well. Forex business doesn't require you to build big offices first and then start your business. You can start doing Forex trading right from your home. Shortly, I say that yes I feel blessed being part of the forex.

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    To be honest i don't feel proud and also i dont feel sham that i am in forex market,Forex market is like any other business anyone do,I can say i feel i am happy that i found that market and i start trading in it,It changes my life to better after i have a very big free time i am always busy now.I be very happy when i gain but i feel so sad when i loose,

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    Yes i am really very much proud as a forex trader.Because i know forex is very profitable business in the world.we can easily earn huge money from forex business.we can easily take forex as our part time or full time career.so we can easily proud as become a successful forex trader.

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    As a full time forex trading I always feel proud in this business before I was loosing money regularly in this market but now I am making a very good consistent profit every money in this market I am very happy in this business hope one day I will become a pro trader in forex

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    here i am not seeing the logic of our not feeling proud for it. i also feel proud to be a Forex trader, why i will not do it? i think that i am the best trader and can the huge money from this trading , and also doing a world class business and also smart one, like this there have many reasons for feeling proud for Forex,

    just simply think that if you have the huge trading knowledge and after it how much money you can earn from the forex. ca you imagine it, i think that huge and more than any other source.

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    Yes i feel proud as a forex trader.because i know forex is very hard and risky business in the world.Forex is international online business.so as a trader i will be very much proud.so i like to forex business very much.so i am already take forex as my career.

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    The proud feeling comes to me not only by joining the forex market but by making success in trading and making some profits at the end in overall. I can take it as a play when I reach to my destination and everything is accomplished without leaving behind anything or nothing in future to carry out then I can say that I have succeeded it and then I feel more strong and relaxed than feeling proud.

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    I proudly feel that i am a forex trader but i have to learn more in this business for now i don't have much top experience in this business but slowly slowly i will able to build my confidence and it will surely give me a very good happiness and financially free life in coming future

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    well dear friend i would say I may feel proud plainly make a great profit more compared to expected. or also over it is normal known of my own work. here I may feel that I did so or I`m doing over others can carry out. here I`m unique of others. and be marked by the special advantage right here I mqy be proud of being the first one of my group achieve that.

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