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    yes you must be proud but if you could succeeded in this business . i think Forex market is the hardest business ever you may face some big loss in one day or you may loss all your own capital overnight if you are not a good trader .

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    i proud to be the part of forex because it giving me more then i want. this is the best profitable business which gives real profit to its professional and skillful traders.Forex trading is the best among all business of the world.

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    Ya of course we can feel proud if we are successful in Forex trading business and earning a very good life supporting income on daily basis, else there is nothing to feel proud just by participating because a lot of people start trading in Forex trading business and leave the field after some time as they do not get success, so for them there is nothing to feel proud.

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    Yeah I also feel proud that I am a forex trader its a very good field from where we can change our life totally and I am very happy with this business its a life time business also so its very good to be a part of this great life time earning opportunity

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    I feel proud as a forex trader. It is the good business which gives me much money every time. We can do this business anywhere and anytime without any problem. It is the best ever business in which earning money has never be end but we all must have to work hard here all the time.

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    Yes I feel very proud of my work as I have joined as part time worker. As soon as I complete my studies I will join the trade and I want to be a full time trader. Then only I will be able to be successful in my trade.

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    If you d the Forex trading business,then you will be very proud of the business . it is the largest online internet trading business in the world . by working in the business we can earn a lots of money in very short period of time .it can be change of our life . we can also build our career to work in this business. i am really proud of the business.

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    even I was feeling to be a Forex trader because 1 year back I was earning everyday around $ 20 USD ( which is equivalent to Rs 1,000 in Indian rupees) which is a good amount to enjoy the whole day but after some day I loose some money and then I felt frustrated and I make a promise to my self that in next 3-4 year I will earn 1 million USD from Forex so that I can again feel proud to be a Forex trader.

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    Actually I feel proud to become a trader... Cause as Forex trader I think that I don't need to go another to earn money... Cause I know how to trade in Forex.. cause I have a perfect money management great strategy... So I'm not confused about my life more MashAllah...s

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    2 years back I even I can enjoy the whole day , which is a good amount ( of money which is equivalent to Rs 4,000 ) daily for about $ 50 dollars , but after a few days because of a Forex Trader, I was gonna loose some money and then I felt disappointed and I can feel proud to be a Forex Trader, Forex within the next 3-4 years will earn 1 million dollars is not a commitment to my self. So i want to say that through Forex trading the traders can feel proud.

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