Learning and training
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Thread: Learning and training

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    Learning and training

    Can not succeed in Forex without learning and continuous training to reach a good level because they are the most important reasons for success in Forex.

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    that is true if you want to make profits from this market you must have the full experience and enough skills to be able to trade with out big loss .so we can say that learning and training is so important things for any Forex trader.

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    Learning and training both are most important activity that every trader must go through, and to make this business a profitable business, every trader must practice on demo accounts and gain enough practical knowledge and then the trader should implement the knowledge while real trading.
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    Learning and training is some things that most important in any type of business and we will never stop to do that although we has be a expert. the more we learn and train the more we able to gain knowledge, and that is will help us to be a successful traders in this business

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    Yes, I agree entirely. The experience can only be gained with time and practice. It may take months, and perhaps years to achieve sustainable profits in forex. who want us can take mini forex courses here [url]http://en.tradimo.com/trading-start/?ref=fr99np[/url] and still receive 100 euros

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    Already in order to achieve success in forex must first put Map and conditions in order to become a trader successful and the first of these conditions can learn well for a period of not less than 3 months and also trained on the account demo at the same time and then you trade at the expense of bonus or real account and be risking 5%at most

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    Learning and trading are one of the most important aspects of Forex trading business.Both are important pillar of Forex.A trader should learn about Forex trading from various sources and practice in demo account till you have gained experienced and knowledge about Forex trading.Making all this efforts it wll make you a expert and a professional trader.

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    Your very correct because its important that you are well informed and knowledgeable in forex, and it doesn't just stop at learning and gaining knowledge you still have to be disciplined so as to enable you do your best in applying what you've learnt until you gain stability in your trading strategy, learning and training yourself at all time would go a long way in making you become a better trader.

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    learning it is the first step for forex trading business working.and then next step is forex real account trading.so if you finish your learning with forex demo account then you start your trading with forex real account.and earning successfully with forex trading business.learning and trading it's really different.so first learning next trading.

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    Yes sir there is no success without learning in fact we can not earn a penny without knowledge and experience, so we must concentrate on learning and applications of knowledge during practice completes the training and then only we can have great earning and a good sustaining life in this field.

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