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Thread: Which one is best indicator in mt4 terminal

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    The businessman understands and it is beneficial for him to follow MT4 for his businessman. All the above indicators are good to use, but a good idea about the indicator that a trader can make it optimal for Forex forex usage. First of all, we have to learn to be the best in ourselves, which is the only way we can use it to know which is best for us.

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    if in my opinion all the indicators are as good and to be able to produce a good signal from the indicators returning to each trader how he understands the workings of the indicator, if he can understand how to work well then the results can also be good and on the contrary if the trader does not understand the workings of the indicators used then he cannot trade properly

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    For me I use bollinger bands very much is work with my strategy and I can get good profit but if you want to make good strategy with good indicateur you should learn how and when you use the indicateurs when I was beginner i was not understand what is mean indicateurs but with the experience and learning I can use many indicateurs without problem

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    There are a lot trading indicator now these days available in forex market but everyone use it which are suitable our trading experience and knowledge however when we can trade on market with the help of this indicator then it helping us to earn everyday good profit from forex market. Bollinger band and Rsi both are very useful and effective indicator.

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    this is the good information of the trading , every trader try to use the best indicator for our trading . bollinger band is also best indicator of the trading . it is the best way of the earning . making money is not easy way it required a lot of patient and hard working . i use bolinger band and it is better then other.

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    For me i prefer bollinger bands and momentum because they are good for trading and both can form a good strategy together, the trader can test these indicators and choose the best for him that let him to trade well and make money easily, the trader should be able to trade with the indicators that let him to make simple and profitable trading.

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    Actually it depends on the trader who use the indicators. A trader who has intention of using the bollinger band can trade on both ranging and trending market. ranging and trending both markets are good for this indicators. many of the traders may use MACD indicator to find trends which is also good. And also with ADX indicator you can predict the momentum of the trend and also whether the trend is strong or weak. So the indicators depends.

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