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Thread: Which one is best indicator in mt4 terminal

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    These all are very effective and very strong trading indicator now these days in stock market. But to understand these all indicator moving and performance have only that time possible for everyone when he could take good experience and knowledge about all trading indicator and always use it to see and understand market situation.

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    What a trader understands and it's profitable for that trader will be the best for him/her to follow in mt4. All above indicators are good to make use but what can make it best for any trader to make use in forex field is a good understanding about the indicator. We all should learn to be the best of ourselves at the first place that is only way for us to know what is best for us to used.

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    from only on indicators that you ask, I am leaning to bolinger bands, because he has a base of support and resistance are dynamical, and could tell us the market with high activity or not, or trending sideways, but in the world of Forex is not as easy the theory

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    each indicator can work well with the trader if the trader knows how to deal with it and trade with it properly, some traders work with some indicators and another traders trade with different indicators, so we can not be able to determine in absolute the best indicators in the platform because they are different in its working and trading

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    A lot of indicator available in mt4 terminal for trading some are costume and many more but to find any simple or strong trading indicator for trading you have need to properly analysis the market and know that market real trend and direction well to develop strong and powerful indicator strategy for trading to getting success on this business.

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    None of the listed indicators is the best to me.
    Besides, I do not think there is an indicator that can be categorized as the best indicator.
    Moreover, an indicator is only as good as the trader who utilizes it, so what may seem to be not efficient to you might actually be what gives me the most profit.
    Personally I would recommend using the moving average.
    And I combine that with the parabolic Sar.

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    We can trade with any indicator of our choice, and the best one that will work for us depend on our experience and knowledge, but the idea of trading with indicator isn't really a good one for me, because I have tried a lot of indicators in the past and non work for me as expected, so I think the best way to go about this business is with the use of the pure price action trading.

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    Adx and layer are very useful and best trading indicator now these days on market it always give us strong and right market analysis signal if trader have already taken good experience and knowledge about these both trading indicator well otherwise you can not know that when you should loss our strategy in stock market.

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    There are a lot of good indicators that we can use to trade, it's depend on you which one of them you want to be trading with, there are a lot of custom indicators available on our desktop computer and there are so many good technical indicators available on the mobile terminal too, so it's depend on you which one of this indicators you want to be using.

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    look my friend when i was first in this market i have trying trading with the lots of indicators, actually its gave us so much confisuion about chart , thats why i dont use it now, indicator used expert trader but im not so well, BollingerBands better by my mine but my advice dont trade with it.

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