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    Greed is the biggest enemy in Forex which is the main reason for the great loss suffered by a lot of beginners so it must rely on capital management and reduce the proportion of risk well

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    Yeah my dear friend Greed is one the most important term in forex which we have to learn well because if we miss that term it could affect badly us and we can loose our money in forex it will be good to learn regarding money management and take profit and stop loss it will surely help you to overcome on greed

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    Greed is an emotion which can hardly effect our trading, emotion should always be avoided when trading, if we don't control our greed or emotions when trading, that will lead us to chaos and then the trader wont be able to trade with proper concentration and hence in such a case the chances of losses will be high.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amrmorasamir View Post
    Greed is the biggest enemy in Forex which is the main reason for the great loss suffered by a lot of beginners so it must rely on capital management and reduce the proportion of risk well
    we can say that greed is enough to loss all your money you may make huge profits today but you will loss it tomorrow because of your greed so we must knot be greedy trader to be alive in Forex market .also the best way to kill this greed is training for enough time with a trial account .

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    Greed is indeed an enemy of success, so its important you learn to put your emotions in check to ensure that your decisions are well thought out, and you always stay disciplined and focused to produce a meaning result.

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    Never doubt of greed is enemy for us, So that's never good for forex traders, as our experience causes of greedy most of the forex traders having be loser in their trading, In forex trading market greedy can devastated our career that has built.

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    Yes, greed is making us suffer a lot of loss in trading forex. But I think greed that often make us suffer a loss that is greed that we can not handle it well. In forex trading we recommend to be able to get a profit commensurate with the risks that we face, so when we're using nature greed in forex trading, we should strive to handle greed is not to make huge losses.

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    Greed is the biggest enemy of the Forex trading business and it is by default the nature of the human being and to get control over this habit we need to be self disciplined nothing else can improve our trading habit and can release us from this enemy so we must do and take all the possible way for controlling this enemy.

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    Greed is the most dangerous emotion and that emotion will gives us more and more loss every time. Hard work and proper practice is required by every trader in order to do good trading . It is not easy to control this emotion , it comes to the trader whenever a trader breaking the rules and trading plans.

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    I think Greed is a biggest enemy of every trader, trading in Forex trading business.Greed and emotions are very dangerous in Forex in may cause a big loss in Forex business.If a trader don't know how to control their greed and emotion they will never get success in their business.So it is very important for traders to control their greed.

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