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Thread: Trade or Just monitor to find the best entry

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    forex needs checking, the pattern and the context will tell the next point of action, this is not what is wrong, it is always right depending on how it is working at the time of use. Discipline will also apply to what you do, if not for discipline, one will not have success in the market, it the discipline bring better success for justice of trader abbilities

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    both have need of a trader. monitor market is giving us a good entry point. we have to need to take the risk on trade coz some traders just watch and take no action. when you find a good entry point just enter the market after analyzing the pair with your strategy which you follow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosa33 View Post
    - first we trade . this regarded as a randomly way - or to watch and monitor the price moving in order to find the suitable point to enter the market

    a lot of chance of profit leave us because of this

    let`s discuss this issue together
    What is the point you enter a market if you do not see a good signal to enter the market based on your strategy? Is this just a waste of time? In fact it can only make you lose your money even if you used the smallest lotsize though, it would be better you looking for the best moment at a later time, you can do other things or other activities which are more useful than entering the market at the wrong moment.

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    well analysis is first option then you need to see the new and whole side either the entry will give you loss or profit then after monitor you need to trade on that but make sure you have to pur money management and tp and sl :)

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    Obviously correct when we clear maximum and possible to make profit more just we enter the market that reduces a lot of pressure and stress. We should be alert there is a lot of false trap inspire to enter the market. So we must obtain the power to identify the market when we will leave the market and when we will enter in the market. For this reason, we need a good practice to use a lot of patience and good timing.

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    good traders don't just open a trade because they must trade but because they have seen a perfect trading setup to go for. If you just open a trade because you have waited a Long time without seeing the right setup you know, then you will most likely loss the trade because you don't have a good reason to open the trade.

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    It's best to choose an entry point. Because random trading causes loss. So I advise you with a good analysis. And if you're not convinced of your analysis, you better not go in. And waiting for a better chance. And one of the characteristics of the successful trader is waiting for strong opportunities and entering it
    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosa33 View Post
    some times we find our selves pushed to enter the market although we are not very persuaded with the point of entry

    Indeed a very bad habit...

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    I think both the things are important rading is important to get the experience and to test your knowledge good but at the same time if you want to get the best entry point then you have to wait until the market players aap and it give you some indications that you should invest your money
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