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    Contest "Share your profit!"

    Dear users! We are glad to present a new contest "Share your profit!", every registered user on the forum is able to participate in it.

    To participate, you need to create a post with a story, describing your profitable trade or series of trades with Roboforex* company, supporting it with screenshots. Every thread will be evaluated according to several parameters:

    1. Number of symbols in a thread: it must be more than 1000;
    2. Quality of content (spelling, style e t.c.);
    3. Quality of screenshots;
    4. Number of "thumbs up" clicks.

    *you can describe your experience from trading either on real money account or bonus account. Demo accounts are not allowed. You have to provide your account number either on screenshot or in text mode in the post.

    Note!: Screenshots must be captured from trading terminals of Roboforex company only!

    Council of moderators will choose 10 best posts and reward authors. Prizes will be given to 10 users (places from 1 to 10th)
    Winners will be defined according to parameters indicated above. Anybody can vote for the thread by clicking "thumbs up" button in the lower right side of the post.

    Prize fund is equal to 500 $*.

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

    Creative works will be accepted between January 21, 2015 and February 21, 2015.
    Winners will be announced - February 25, 2015.
    Bonuses will be transfered before February 27, 2015.

    Request for withdrawal of bonus can be made between 1 and 5 of March, 2015.

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    Thanks forum Admin for bringing another nice contest. I am very much happy to see it. I would definitely participate in this contest. I wish many other forum members would join this contest and make it successful and very much competitive. I would like to thank other forum moderators and Roboforex for bringing this nice concept for contest.
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    My Forex trading Journey

    I started forex trading in mid 2013 and still I am learning in this business. I learned a lot of things in my forex trading career so far. Because of very less trading knowledge I lost a lot of money in starting and after that I started to check about a good Forex Forum for better learning and very soon after that I joined Robo Forex Forum in mid of 2013.

    Robo Forex was a very new broker for me that time. I started my real trading with Robo forex forum bonus in October 2013 But unfortunately because of less knowledge and trading skill I lost my all bonus one by one. My next step was to focus on a good trading learning and practice and Robo Forex forum helped me a lot in that.

    In July 2014 I deposited around to $800 in my real trading account and started to focus on real trading again. But because of less control on emotion, greed, and trading psychology I lost my $2200 Profit and not made any great profit in my real trading account. And in last I able to withdrawal only my deposited money that was around to $800. But was a great trading experience to do trade with Robo Forex Broker.

    My Profitable Trades

    I am a long term trader and like to do trade within a trend, I started to do trade in couple of good pairs, I like to do trade with high volatile pairs that's why I do trade in gbp/nzd, aud/nzd, euro/jpy, gbp/jpy etc. It was a great week because that time I gained a lot of money in forex.

    MY real trading 1.JPG

    I made a very good profit in the second week too, I like to hold my position for long time and because of less swap commission robo forex broker always helped me to do trade as a long term goal. And made a very good profit again.

    My real trading 2.JPG

    In third week of trading I started to do trade in Gbp/Usd too, and along with it I was getting good rebate from the robo forex broker. Their rebate service is excellent and best than any other broker.
    My real trading 3.JPG

    In this screenshot Most of treads are second week of my trading after deposit. But due to one big mistake I lost my all profit and able to withdrawal only my deposited amount. But I learned well about my strategy in differ types of currency pairs.

    My real trading 4.JPG

    After that I withdraw my whole deposited fund from my trading account, and since then I am rebuilding my trading system again. I learned well about long term trading and robo forex broker helped me a lot in it.I liked it's swap commission and rebate program very much.
    My real trading 6.JPG

    I learned a lot about Trading psychology, Controlling emotion and greed in past months and my trading system is almost ready for real trading and very soon I will start my real trading again with real cash along with it robo forex forum also helping me a lot regarding earning and learning. I am still an active client of Robo Forex broker and happy with their service. They are paying me instant withdrawal too now every time when I am making a withdrawal request.

    I Love Robo Forex Broker

    In last I only want to say that Robo Forex is one of the best broker in this world. I like Robo Forex Broker very much no matter which type of account we are opening with Robo Forex Broker, they are always providing best service to their clients.
    I wish Robo Forex Broker a great success in near future. Love your all (Robo Forex team).
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    Hai all Forum member, Guest of forum, moderators and sir Administrator in Roboforex Forum

    Its very Pleasure roboforex forum held a contest titled "Share Your Profit", where the participation show the progress on their trading history. Some time ago in the contest titled "My day with Roboforex" In my Thread : "Amazing , Amzing !! There is nothing more powerful than Roboforex forum. " , I've been capturing my account history, ranging from account progress until the profit obtained. and now it's time other members shows the results of their profits and describe experience from their trading, so that everyone around the world knows how great Roboforex Brokers and admit Roboforex is Great Broker.

    My story when joining roboforex broker starting from early 2011 when I started looking for a no-deposit bonus account on a particular website then I find a broker who gives $ 5 for free, that broker is a roboforex broker . I try and I was lucky my trading profit get 100% in a few minutes. after that I idly to withdraw $ 5, how shocked My WD was successful in a few minutes. it was the beginning of my career in the world of forex business.

    So From There :
    :: Because Roboforex, I know the forex business

    :: Because Roboforex, reversing my mindset about forex business, first I assume that forex is a chancy business and now i think its becomes a prospect business

    :: Because Roboforex, awaken my mind that forex is not only dominated by rich people, poor people like me can do this even though only invest it for $ 5

    :: and because roboforex, my trading career development began to grow and thrive. no other, because there is a great forum like this

    Now its time I share my experience of using a roboforex broker at the day anniversary of roboforex forums:

    1. It is very convenient to use any style in the roboforex broker, scalping or the other, not like the others. in the other brokers I've scalping with a close below 5 points and eventually disabled. are you too?

    2. Most of the time I do a transaction when the news release to get so much profit and succeed in WD process although close under 10 minutes, maybe in another brokerage your account has been disabled.

    3. You have get requotes frequently when open or close the transaction? very annoying is it true?. But in server roboforex broker, this is very rarely requotes moreover problem. I have proved this. not believe it please try and compare it to the broker you use now

    4. That three points above is about broker, then how about roboforex forum? I post many times here and have got a bonus post in there. experience from me in here that i have put into thread: here
    among them: There educator forums, any special programs, quality Thread, and others. and the main thing is very friendly moderators. not as moderators in certain forums which like police that only click banned a member in their Moderator CP.

    That is my experience that was describes from my real story

    Here I Share my profit that was obtained which i'd capture from trading terminal MT4 Roboforex Company

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    I resume my journey of success with Roboforex.

    I Resume My Story:

    I want to start from where I ended. You can find earlier part of my story from the link given below which was a part of previous contest arranged by Roboforex forum.

    I lost CopyFX bonus in few days due to high volatility in the market and my uncontrolled emotions. Then I was waiting for the results of the My day with Roboforex contest. I was fortunate to win the first place and I got 100$ bonus to my forum account. On January 6 of new year I got total bonus of 140$ transferred to my bonus account 3030971 with Roboforex and I started trading again.

    My Trading Style:

    Basically I am a scalper. I usually open trades to make profit from 1 pip or more in quick time. Sometime I take relatively bigger risk too with relatively bigger lot trade for getting big profit in few pips. So far it proved good for me. I usually depend on the movement of price which are plotted on M5, M15, M30 and H1 chart of a currency pair to open a trade. I am a naked trader too. When I open a trade I keep M1 chart going for that currency pair.

    My Profitable Trades:

    I started with GBPUSD pair with lot of 0.5 in my cent account. I opened the trades as I found the pair was just trying to retrace confirmed on M5 chart of the pair. As this pair has bigger momentum so I thought I would get some green pips from trading. I opened 2 trades and closed with small profit. Blue rectangular region indicates the duration when I decided to open trades and where I closed it manually. Blue rectangle will give you the same information in other screenshots too.

    Next I moved to trade USDJPY. I found the pair was losing its bullish power and may probably retrace few pips so I decided to open 5 lot trades. It was again verified from M5 chart of the pair. Fortunately all trades were closed manually with small profits in 1 to 6 pips. And kept withdrawing my profits.

    When USDJPY lost bull power and started to retrace as seen on M5 and M15 chart I decided to open few trades 5-10 lots immediately after it started retracing from short survival. All the trades were closed manually with small profits. And all the profits were withdrawn after closing the trades.

    I found EURUSD going lower for few hours. So after short recovery of the pair I decided to short it to get few pips. And I opened 2 trades of 5 lot and a trade of 1 lot. All trades closed with profit and profits were withdrawn as well. So far nice going. And I was happy to get quick profits.

    I again moved to USDJPY seeing large volatility. I found the currency pair price was oscillating in range. And it had moved almost 25 pips down. I expected it to go up few pips. So I opened a 1 lot trade, seeing some floating loss I opened another 1 lot trade. Suddenly it had gone down another 20 pips. So I decided to opened 2 relatively bigger 8 lot trades hoping to recover loss of earlier trades with only few pips retrace. Fortunately it did. Later I opened another trade of 1 lot. All trades were closed manually with profits. I was very happy to withdraw all the profit to my skrill account.

    Your Money Is Waiting For You:

    I just love those words in my email that I get from skrill with the title Money Received: . I made few more profit later in few more trades and have withdrawn too. I have given the proof on withdrawal to the payment+withdrawal proof section. You can find it visiting the post #135 of the link

    Bye For Now:

    I shared my profit with you all and hope to share my profits in future too. Wish Roboforex forum will bring this opportunity again. So far both Roboforex forum and Roboforex are lucky to me in terms of learning and profit making. So best of luck to others who are struggling to make money. I hope you can be motivated from my whole story. See you next time. Till then good bye everybody, have nice times with Roboforex and Roboforex forum.
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    I cam to Roboforex forum for bonus but I got bonus and knowledge : I had not much information about Forex trading when I first joined Roboforex. I did not know even what we can earn or lose in trading. I simply read about the bonus for posting and joined Roboforex forum. Coming to the forum I am getting now much more than what I had expected. Learning Forex is fun here by participating in great contests and promotions. Great educators like Valuetrader are always ready to help any newbie with any kind of doubt in Forex.

    I invested in Roboforex for profits but I also got a great broker : working in the forum and communicating with so many knowledgeable and experienced friends here I developed a lot of interest in Forex. I decided to taste real trading with Roboforex. I was almost convinced that the broker which can sponsor such a versatile forum will surely be great. I made my first investment in Forex trading with Roboforex and what, I just did not got profits from my first deposit but more than that I got a great broker. With such excellent customer support and such great trading services.

    I would share my first deposit with Roboforex and also in Forex itself
    For the first time I deposited 11$ to my Roboforex trading account and started trading. I do not much knew about special strategies but trading what I know and by studying the charts.

    I made my first trades in real trading and opened 2 lots of eurjpy. Well things were working and I managed to secure over 4 $ from that trade. My interest doubled in trading and I opened few more trades and closed them. I earned some more money trading with eurjpy and eurjpy is till now my favorite trading pair. This is just the beginning of my successful career with Roboforex. I now target to achieve huge success being and trading with the world best broker. Thank you friends hope in future I will share much more successful trading with you

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    My success continues at Roboforex

    When I was a newbie trader

    I remember that about 3 years back I joined Forex by reading an advertisement. A broker was giving 100% deposit bonus to welcome any new client and I started trading with it with a first deposit of 50$. Due to lack of proper knowledge and experience I soon lost it. Then I made a bigger deposit to recover my first loss and lost it also. This kind of trading turned into a process and I soon started finding myself in financial troubles. I soon realized that my previous broker did not provide good services and trading conditions.

    Joining Roboforex brought a radical change in my trading

    Then I decided to switch my broker and I found Roboforex. I would say without any exaggeration that joining Roboforex broker was one of the best decisions I took in my life. It was after joining Roboforex that My trading career witnessed a remarkable change. It was after joining Roboforex that I came to know what great trading conditions actually are.

    My trading career at Roboforex

    On joining Roboforex I am actually trading with the best broker and enjoying the best trading conditions.Here we get many benefits like
    1. Great analytics
    2. Roboforex forum which is a sea of knowledge and also offers generous incentives and bonuses
    3 Excellent spreads and trade execution
    4. One great thing about Roboforex which I like the most is superfast timely withdrawals.

    My trading style in a nutshell

    I always try to trade only after doing analysis. I study the charts and the market patterns and always keep an eye on news and fundamental events. I then ready the analytics provided by Roboforex and correlate it with my own analysis to arrive at the final trading decision. When trading I know my risk taking capacity and never cross the limits.

    Now I would share my recent trading at Roboforex

    I already described one of my big days with Roboforex in my previous thread "A golden day with a great broker "when I turned my 500 $ into 1200 $ and successfully withdrawn the profits. I wont say that I have never faced any loss in trading with Roboforex. I have faced losses but that were due to my decisions going wrong. Now I would share my recent trading. Since about a month I am avoiding taking high risk as the market has become more unpredictable for me. I only do scaling with small lots.

    Please Take a look at the following screenshots for my trading with a deposit of 55$.

    Please also take a look at my trading with the forum bonus and last contest winning I got in the beginning of January

    Conclusion This is just my success continuing as I continue trading with Roboforex. When I have any doubt there is Roboforex forum to help me. To assist me in trading there is the thorough in depth analysis provided by Roboforex. Hope my article motivates everyone who are struggling to make money with Forex to join Roboforex. Changing broker to Roboforex can mark the beginning of your successful trading too.

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    Well friends hope my story will motivate and encourage all the beginner traders who think Forex is risky and losing money is essential for beginners. Well, beginner and newbie friends there is no thumb rule that we ought to lose money in the beginning. I would narrate my journey with Forex which is only about 3-4 months.

    Choosing the right broker is important Many newbie traders get caught with bad brokers and lose money unnecessarily. By bad broker I do not mean scam broker ( I do not know of any scam broker yet ). By bad broker I mean broker which try to earn by bringing losses to their traders. Always chose a broker which makes efforts to ensure that its traders succeed in trading. Roboforex will surely top the list of such brokers with so many campaigns for the education and welfare of its traders and with its excellent trading conditions.

    Well beginning is half done
    If we prepared well and educated well then success will be quite an easy thing to achieve. Believe me beginner friends it is hard to practice on demo account for even an hour leave alone days and months. I never traded on plain demo. Instead I have chosen to learn with Roboforex forum and its bonus. Learning with Roboforex forum and its bonus is more superior and interesting than learning with a demo account.Roboforex forum is not like other forum. Here we find a lot of information about Forex presented in an easy to understand form. Also Roboforex rewards us for our activity in the forum. it has so many campaigns, promotions and contests which makes both learning and trading Forex more interesting.

    My winning start with Roboforex I had only about a months trading experience and I won a contest sponsored by Roboforex. More about my winning can be found in my previous article

    I think that the entire credit for my winning goes to Roboforex and Roboforex forum which make learning Forex so much interesting that just being with them finishes half of our efforts required to become a professional trader.

    abhi 4.jpg

    Now I will discuss my winning trades at Roboforex it is only about 3 months now and with Roboforex I have developed a lot of confidence that in a short time I will see myself a big success in Forex trading.

    I would like to disclose here the screenshot of some of my trading with the contest winnings and withdrawals. I believe that for every trade we should have a reason. This reason comes from analysis.



    abhi 3.JPG
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    My bonus account

    I have no amazing experience, but after I read all the posts from other members here, I guess I am interested in sharing my trading history in managing the bonus account. Although this experience is not a special thing for me personally, but I'll glad to share it. I only took five important part in the history of my trade, because maybe we can not upload more than five images in one post.

    1. I got stop out

    I start trading with the bonus account in 2013 when I was still have no more learn from this forum, I only use about $ 25 bonus, and get some profit, and then I withdraw profit, but then I get a stop out after I put some sell orders at yearly highest price area.
    I had to wait two months to get a new balance of bonus forum, I am really bored of waiting.

    2. Got big loss

    Once I get a new balance, I do not do a lot of trading activity, I just waiting for a good moment to increase the lot size in my trade transactions, I found a good moment to take advantage from the correction in high frame height, and then I open multiple long positions with the averaging method in some euro pairs and gbp/usd. but then I found a strong bearish and I lost a huge margin.

    After I lost a huge margin, I really lazy to continue managing this account, I was just thinking of using this account for forward test only, for some ea and strategies, and I did that, until finally I lost more than $ 700. But I do not want to lose all my margin because I thought I would be bored to wait two months. I only have less than $ 100 residual margin. lol

    3. Break Even Point

    I thought I had to spend a long time to be able to get BEP (earn more than $ 700 profit just by using less than $ 100), but I found the best moment in eur/jpy, I just think this is the right time to get BEP in a short time , I entered a short position in eur/jpy and using the pyramid system, open a few positions when I get the profit from the previous position. I just think one thing, loss of profit or break even point. If the price reverses, then I will cut loss when the profit / loss is 0, but if prices continue to fall, then I will get back $ 700 (BEP).The result is very satisfactory, I get BEP in just a few days.

    4. It's time to leave my stress just for recovery

    Now I am able to withdraw my profits again after I waited a long time to be able to withdraw profits from this account.

    I just put some short position in nzd/usd and aud/usd.

    History chart (equity - balance)
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    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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    1. Bitter story
    My bonus account : 3023164
    Actually I am very shy to join this contest but for a prize its being not matter anymore , its because maybe I was the only trader who is very stupid and fail to thrive, let alone learn from experience, it is seen I am often get many stop out at this bonus account , even until now my account still does not show a good progress , often stop out that achieved to this day, as proves here :

    cowek ireng1.jpg

    2. sweet story
    however, I also have a story that makes me motivated to always post here and get a bonus and I have the opportunity to earn money later, and it is has proved that roboforex brokers pay any profit that achieved from this bonus account, as proof I ever did to withdrawn in two payment processor, that is moneybooker and Web money, and very grateful roboforex really pay my profit, I attach my WD result :

    cowek ireng3.png

    Thought just little amount but at least its proves that roboforex brokers is very good brokers and i get motivate from it and hopefully any other doing so .

    3. Profit Results That I want to share

    I want to attach some transactions that are getting the profit as a requirement in this contest :

    cowek ireng2.jpg

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