Scalping strategy is good for Forex business?
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Thread: Scalping strategy is good for Forex business?

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    Scalping strategy is good for Forex business?

    Scalping is a good strategy in Forex business. A small deposit trader earn a lots of money applying the scalping strategy. If anyone apply this scalping strategy then must need to target 5 to 7 pips. Really, this strategy is more profitable.

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    scalping is good in forex business if trader have good experience and he make their trading with trend and he make success in forex market if he make right trend and he use their trading with right earning method and he up to date with market trends he make success.

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    Scalping is more risky than day trading. We can also continue scalping with proper trend and opportunity. But it is better to continue long term (day trading) where we can able to become more benefited than scalping. Scalping is time killing and long term trading is time saving. We can able to continue long term trading by spending only 2-3 hours per day for proper market analysis.

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    I think its to much risky in forex trading when you work with scalping than you open high lot size and the chance of loss is also there in forex and i think the loss is also big so if you want to work with that strategy than you should learn forex property and learn it properly..

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    yes i also think that scalping is the best kind of trading for those trader who have low investment. though there are risk in this trading system but by using it we can make a lot of profit within a short time. but we have to gain some knowledge about it at first.

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    i think it depends on every trader's trading ability. scalping is very risk trading strategy, without enough knowledge and trading experience it is very hard to win in scalping. in scalping we must needed big capital. we trade in big lot and make 3-5 pips instantly. for all the new trader should avoid scalping without enough experience.

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    I would never reccomend scalping bsystem to anyone.I don't like scalping because it has a terrible risk:reward ratio.A single loss trade will wipe 5-7 profit trades.Better trade with somethingw hich is consistent enough.In forex business every intraday traders hate scalping system because previously they have wiped there trading account with it.

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    yes you are right. by scalping we can make a lot of profit within a short time by investing small capital. here we have to set small target within short time. but it is a very risky kind of trading style. so it is better to learn about the business very well then try to scalp here.

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    Scalping is a good method only when market is moving within a range.If a trader is enough expert,can keep patience for right time to open an entry,is disciplined and can avoid scalping during other trends like uptrend or downtrend then it can be a good method.But many new traders even try to scalp when market is moving due to fundamental too which causes huge loss to them.For that it's better to be expert in long term trading,not scalping.

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    Foreign exchange market but really one of the toughest and strategies you need to focus high and a great effort from the merchant and a great experience a good method to make more pips especially when it might not be able for a particular currency pair to generate that amount of pips in one trade however caution must be taken because scalping is risky.

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