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    NEED some advice

    Hello guys
    i want to ask you please how i can get some real investors to my copyfx

    you can check my result .....
    please guide me to best way to have real investors what is the minimum deposit i should ask them to deposit in my new offer

    do i need to open real copyfx account if i want real commissions ?

    and what is the best commission from your view i must set up for my next offer ? 5% is very small commission i think !!

    share your view with me and please give me your idea about my smart profits copyfx

    I Trust In The God

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    ok i don`t know why no one active with my thread
    maybe if i post this will make any one interesting about my thread when :do you know we can become rich if we only have 1000$ account . do you know i return 15$ bonus to 160$ in only 4 days and we have open trade with 20$ profits right now !!!
    hmmm maybe this screen shoot make some one interesting to talk with me about the new project

    thank you any way !!
    and see you later when i reach to 300$ from 15$ only !!!
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    I Trust In The God

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    It is very easy to give suggestion, but so hard to maintain. Yet I can give suggestion to the newbies to follow the below mentioned points:
    To get success we need-
    1) to gather the required trading skill and knowledge.
    2) to become the master on market analysis.
    3) to continue trading with very reasonable lot managing risk reward ratio.
    4) to avoid greed and emotion.
    5) to take prompt decision in appropriate time and act accordingly.

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    in forex trading trader must follow the option of leaning and experience if trader make their trading with good experience he make their trades profitable if trader not make experience and work without knowledge and experience he not make success and they loss in forex market.

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    this needs to have a website and and put your charts and results and try to get traffic to it, and also try to find some groups related to forex on the social websites and post on it as this will increase the possibility of showing of your link and may be encouraged to join your link, this may take a time but you will achieve some traders to your link.

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