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Thread: Understanding the cycle of a country's economic fundamentals

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    Lightbulb Understanding the cycle of a country's economic fundamentals

    In many post, I always press on my post that market always be moved by fundamental, technical analysis is useless if there is no fundamental. It is better to understand the whole economic fundamental by try to understanding the macroeconomics. By having an understanding of the causal relationship of the indicators of a country's economic indicators, we can see a complete picture of the economy. Understanding the cycle of a country's macroeconomic fundamentals help us to predict the interest of investors / traders to invest their funds in an economic region
    Rising unemployment could reduce the purchasing power of the people, on the other hand the decline in private consumption also means the decline in demand for both goods and services that result in lower prices and so on
    Let us discuss the cycle of economic fundamentals that I have outlined

    how do you print screen
    1. Look carefully at the picture above
    2. Observe the history data of the previous month indicator. Focus on one full month of data (date 1-30)
    3. Record the results of economic data indicators on the image cycles
    4. On that note the green color in the event of an increase / strengthening and mark in red if there is a decrease / weakening
    5. Once all the data is complete then do analysis linkages between these macro economic data. Do not forget to make it in the form of a resume analysis
    6. The more practice you will more easily understand the macro-economy that occurred in the forex market
    7. Once you are familiar with Macroeconomic Fundamentals cycle analysis of a modern state, then you can perform the analysis in the next month

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain View Post
    Just what I have in mind to say. I mean, why should I go through all these before I can rally get to trade profitably, whereas there is the strategy that has to do with support and resistance trading that I just have to learn and then I get to be able to use the support and resistance to trade. Apparently, quite more easier to use the calendar for the news. Simple.
    I don't take things in simple way because I believe and witness things all by myself that making analysis is easy but to see what's going on with market and see market moves against my analysis is harder to accept. Like I said before I never understand how to trade the news easily with only seeing the economy calendar. Many times I proved this method by reading then trading with the news data and boom, market turned against me so fast and I got my trades closed by stop loss.

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    Though I strongly believe that a trader must be versatile in both the technical and fundamental analysis of trading but one must not be overemphasized above the others . Profits can still made consistently from technical analysis so , the impression that money cannot be made in retail forex trading without trading with fundamental analysis should be corrected. I trade forex through both methods as the situation demands but I trade technical analysis more and I have good results from my trading .

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