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Thread: The Importance of Creating a Trading System!

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    We need a system that would possibly guide us through on the technique of working for the best in forex. Traders need a system they can depend on and this is one of the best thing that would keep them going. Forex is a profitable business and if we can learn to make a good trade the better for us in this trade. Let's work hard to learn and let's understand how important it is to build our system.

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    We should make sure that we have learned and understand way we want to trade, but I will suggest that we shouldn't think about making the choice of making use of scalping trading method. We should learn instead and know how the market works. Then that will give us the idea of which strategy is suitable for the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usama aziz View Post
    We cannot create a trading system until we have good experience on this business. we must make first a strong and powerful trading system that is help us to earn daily basis profit on forex market and to use a strong and powerful trading system we can determine the market trend easily. we must focus on learning because without learning traders success is never possible.
    Of course, trader can create good trading system when he has good experience and market knowledge. New trader will not build profitable trading system because he is lack of knowledge and experience. Good trading system has simple entry and exit rules that trader can follow and earn money. Every trader must have a trading system.

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    We must build a plan and after it to follow the working plan with generating more ideas and getting the experience also all are the key factors to maintain our place in this market so we should use the correct skills to ought the basic aspects and to build own trade systems after a long time will help in defining the trade process into the right manners and help in getting success surely .

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    We all need to create a good trading system so that we can have the opportunity to always make money from this market, whenever we trade and don't have retracement anything that supports what we are doing, that automatically means we are going to have serious challenge which is something that we should avoid as traders.

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    Which one is a better choice for creating a system?
    AFL or MQL?

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    If you know a certain strategy i can happy code it!

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    I think it is better to take the most popular trading strategies as a basis and work through them to develop your own. At least it seems reasonable to me as a beginner.

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    I have been working on major leading and lagging indicators recently and have created combinations of some to see if there are certain patterns we can follow to detect a good trend

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    I think for every currency pair there needs to be a different strategy, buy and sell signals indicators work much better if they are coded specific to requirement not generalized. Including personalized support and resistance per pair

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