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Thread: Exposure to MetaTrader 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by primetrader View Post
    MT5 execution is faster than MT4 but it has serious limitation compared to MT4, for example hedging is not supported.
    You can test it on demo account. Buy USDJPY then sell USDJPY, the first trade will be close automatically after sell order opened.
    It is not true about this, it depends on the server you are using on the mt4 trading platform and the broker you are using, there are a whole lot of maintenance that brokers of mt4 should do, if they do not do this, it will cause problem. But the participating trader of mt5 are not that much that is why it look very faster than the mt4 platform.

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    MT5 is the latest trading platform available and many traders have already started working with the platform and became successful. Personally i never use the platform before and stick to MT4 up till now. There are some major differences between the two platforms and since MT4 is much more popular than its successor, it has to go long to achieve some amount of success. In future i will love to give it a try. Till then, MT4 is for me.

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    yes , the mt5 trader is a great terminal but people still prefer to use the meta trader 4 because it has a lot of advabtages than the mt5 such as hedging and simplicity and many more advantages which overcomes the advantages of the meta trader 5 terminal easily.

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    Actually meta trader 5 is a latest trading platform and i am not familiar with it . But i have seen it's facilities . I think it is flexible and reliable platform . It also shows all the terms clearly. It offers various facilities so it is helpful for all kinds of trader. It shows 5 digits of pips i mean pipties so it is more helpful.

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    Every one has its own and must have his own risk exposure meta trader 5 and reward,the reason for this is every trader has to do according to his or her money management,which is very important to follow,for example i don't have sufficient trading capital so i am not in a position to take risk more then 10% per trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAJANFX View Post
    No matter how much features metatrader 5 will add in future people will always prefer Metatrader4 instead of Metatrade5. There is a saying that old is gold, Most peoples are comfortables with metatrader4,So i think they wont switch to metatrader5,And especially techniqual traders because they dont have features to add mt4 custom indicators in mt5.
    perhaps because we are so accustomed to using the trading platform so with so I think in this trade only on my own habit and feel that the use of this trading platform we have much to learn in advance in trade with the accustomed alone in this trade because it may be lazy to switch to other platforms

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    But there are limitations of mt4 and that is why mt4 is always preferred by traders and when it is not gud then why it will probably reject by traders specially those who like to hedge


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    Well sir Mt5 is more attractive than Meta Trader 4.MT5 execution is faster than MT4 but it has serious limitation compared to MT4. But i trade suing meta trader 4 which is easy to use and also i like it friendly interface and I think it is flexible and reliable platform

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    The MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform is a perfectly equipped trader's working tool that allows trading on the financial markets. It provides the necessary tools to analyze price dynamics and use the automated trading programs (Expert Advisors). The platform represents the all-in-one concept and combines everything you need to trade in the financial markets. Trading, market analysis and automated trading are integral parts of the forex trading software. It enables traders to work not only with Forex market, but also trade Options, Futures and Stock Markets.

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    The mt5 is the one of the best ways to earning huge and huge amounts of the moneys within a very short times. i think if your wants to earning moneys the forex is the one of the best ways than any others ways. The Forex is likes a money making machines and money is flying in here.

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