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Thread: Exposure to MetaTrader 5

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    meta trade 5 is the latest trading platform i also prefer the meta trade 5 because it is more flexible and it offers four different execution types: market, instant request and exchange execution which would be a useful feature that will meet all traders execution needs. It shows 5 digits of pips i mean pities so it is more helpful. There are different types of execution also.

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    well i think that mt5 trader is a great terminal but people still prefer to use the meta trader 4 because it has a lot of advabtages than the mt5 such as hedging and simplicity and many more advantages which overcomes the advantages of the meta trader 5 terminal easily.

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    I got it that mt5 is a good trading platform and have some new features that mt4 doesn't have but for me mt4 remain the best trading platform, mt5 have new features like trading on several market on the same app and trading on other pairs that are not available on mt4 but mt4 work well with most indicator expert advisor and has been working well for a very long time so I prefer trading with meta trader 4.

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    I lean toward mt5 particularly on the grounds that it is an exceptionally adaptable and dependable exchanging stage that gives master merchant and in addition an apprentice the capacity to exchange effectively and plainly. it offers four diverse execution composes: advertise, moment demand and trade execution which would be a helpful element that will meet all brokers execution needs.

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    I can already read Mehshishhelle that MT5 can not hedge or even build. She likes MT5 because in most cases it has 5 digits (fractional pips).
    I think I'm a scalpper trader. He likes to change the second pips every second, and I think it's really good for Scalper, because the businessman of that type of business can get easy profits without waiting for long profit.

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    Well,Meta trader 5 is a very helpful way of learning and getting properly the fact of Trading mostly the beginners get benifited a lot by meta trader 5.mt5 is the latest platform of trading and also it has some special facilities for the user of meta trader5. It is much upgraded than meta trader4.

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    Mt5 trading platform is more modern and connect faster than mt4, it is very popular with multi market brokers than offers many trading instruments accros many asset class. As for me, I still use the metatrader 4 becauzd all my needs as been met with metatrader 4 so I don't need to upgrade. Also there is more extensive EA and indicators library for metatrader 4.

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    Actually meta trader 5 is a latest trading platform and i am not familiar with it. But i have seen it's facilities . I think it is flexible and reliable platform. It also shows all the terms clearly. It offers various facilities so it is helpful for all kinds of trader. It shows 5 digits of pips i mean pipties so it is more helpful.

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    To start working with MT5 you should open a real or demo account within your log. Both types of account are similar by functionality, with the difference that a demo account is used with virtual money only. Fill in a special form of personal data that appears at startup.
    if a broker allow hedging then you can open order on opposite direction and lock the position if the market is uncertain

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